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item no.5523
Sapal BN-b54 foil wrapping machines (1979), 8 available , up to 200/min, for
pre-formed bouillon cubes & tablets with Siemens controller, electrical cabinet & lubrication system, photos here, Europe, 45.000 euros each
item no.5524
Theegarten Pactec BCW3 foil wrapping machine (2003), up to 1700/min, for
pre-formed bouillon cubes & tablets (13.5-35) x (13,5-25) x (6-20)mm, with infeed conveyor 20cm x 5m, with CFM filtration system, photos here, Europe, 135.000 euros
item no.6326

Sapal BI-b foil wrapper for sugar cubes (1997), foil from reel, needs electrical/mechanical attention,
photos here, Belarus, 16.000 euros

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