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item no.3719

Complete fried noodle plant from mixing to case packing (2015 but unused), 240 x 110g bags/min,
photos & details here, still crated, South Korea, 2.1 million USD

item no.4980

Pavan ravioli line (1998), 600Kg/hr, photos & details here, Europe, 35.000 euros
item no.4981
Cappelletti filled pasta & Orechiette pasta plant (2005-2016), 800Kg/hr, machinery by Zindo, Agnelli & Storci, photos & details here, Europe, 149.950 euros

item no.4982
Braibanti short cut pasta line (1992-1997), 1200Kg/hr, photos & details here, Europe, 420.000 euros

item no.4983
Buhler spaghetti line (1995), 1300Kg/hr, photos & details here, Europe, 625.000 euros

item no.5712

Pavan short pasta machine (1979), 1200Kg/hr,
photos here, Argentina, 320.000 USD with dismantling & loading included

item no.6259

Pavan short-cut pasta line (2000-2001), up to 2.000Kg/hr, with press, screw, cutting, pre-shaking, teless drying, cooling,
photos here, Italy, 699.950 euros

item no.6283

Complete Tecnopasta fresh pasta line (2017, as new), up to 200Kg/hr, with extruder, laminator, cutters with long/short formats, steam pasteuriser & refrigeration,
photos & details here, Italy, 115.000 euros

item no.6420

La Parmigiana semi-automatic  fresh pasta press (2015, as new), 250Kg/hr, with 10 moulds, dryer & packaging machine, photos & details here, Italy, 125.000 Euros

item no.6452

EL.MA Dominioni RAV250 ravioli machine (2020, as new), 150Kg/hr, with square & round ravioli dies, photos here, Italy, 48.000 euros

item no.6694

Complete Buhler TPBD-175 long-cut pasta line (1990), with 9-zone Turbotermatic drier & Ricciarelli packaging machine,
photos & details here, Turkey, 430.000 USD

item no.6820

Italpast semi-automatic line for short pasta & special long cuts with 22 dies (2007), 100Kg/hr, tortellinatrice & raviolatrice double-sheet with 4 dies,
photos & details here, Italy, 149.950 euros

item no.6988

Pavan short-cut pasta line (1997), up to 350Kg/hr, with silos & flour handling & automated packaging for 500-100g packs & 5-25Kg packs, running until Feb/2024,
photos & details here, Eastern Europe, 375.000 euros
item no.7111

Tecnopasta fresh pasta line (2017), up to 200Kg/hr, extruder press, laminator, cutters for long & short pasta, lasagne &
tagliolini, steam pasteurizer, refrigeration, photos here, Italy, 110.000 euros

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