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item no.2386
Optima DE MFL jar & bottle filling and sealing line for powder (2010), for coffee, drinking chocolate etc, photos & details here, Switzerland, 99.000 Euros
item no.2597
Optima jar & bottle powder filling and sealing line (2010), 400-5000ml, photos & details here, Europe, 85.000 euros
item no.3101
Waldner Dosomat 10.8 cup filling & closing line for yoghurts, cream cheeses etc (1993), 14.400/hr, photos & details here, Europe, 170.000 euros
item no.3102
Waldner Dosomat 10.4 cup filling & closing machine for yoghurts, cream cheeses etc (1991), 9600/hr, photos & details here, Europe, 99.950 euros
item no.3271
Trepko 211KS cup filling & closing machine (2010), photos & details here, UK, 30.000 GBP

item no.4228
Erca Formseal EF-480L for form, filling & sealing minipots with flan, creams, jams, sauces etc (2006), photos & details here, Europe, 495.000 euros 

item no.4417
Velteko HS122B linear weigher (2013), was used for manually filling sweets into jars, photos, video & details here, Czech Republic, 15.000 euros 

item no.4418
Costwold Mechanical CMW4000 jar filling line (2014), was used for filling jars with sweets, photos & details here, UK, 56.000 euros 
item no.5037

Ipra FS 2500 Fill Seal pot filler (2012), 8-station rotary filler for liquids/semi-solid products, for de-nestable plastic pots, was used for chocolate spread, 50-500g, up to 2500/hr, set for 53mm pot, photos, video & details here, Belgium, 15.000 euros 
item no.5214
KIS-1200 Rotary cup filler & foil sealer (2015, as new, almost unused), up to 12.000/hr @ 6.7-30.4 oz (190-860g), was used for cheese spread, photos here, USA, 27.000 USD
item no.5364

Mondini C-T pot filler & sealer (2005), for filling 22g of chocolate spread, with de-nester, filler, long conveyor for adding toy/spoon, tray sealer, photos here, Italy, 18.000 euros 
item no.5490

AFM LX-150 shrink sleeve label applicator (2018, but only used 6 months), 300/min,
photos & details here, USA, 72.000 USD
item no.5574

Multivac R230 vacuum thermoform pot filling & sealing machine (2003), with volumetric filler, was used for breakfast cereals, with Safeline metal detector,
photos, video & details here, Trinidad, 37.500 USD
item no.5613

ADMV jar filler with G&P 14-head weigher (2018), up to 70/min, with bucket elevator, jar feeder, cap feeder, metal detector & check-weigher, was used for packing chiclets,
photos & details here, Germany, 130.000 euros
item no.5750

Complete plastic surprise egg line (2017) for filling half plastic egg pot with chocolate or hazelnut spread & cereals in 2 separate compartments, sealing, adding toy, closing top half of plastic egg & sleeving, egg tooling included,
photos, video & details here, Spain, 399.950 euros
item no.6140

J&B BTK-10-A pot filler (1989), up to 16 cycles/min, was packing chocolate spread in 42g pots,
photos & details here, Czech Republic, 27.500 euros
item no.6357

Inline Filling Systems 4-piston glass jar filling line (2010), with 16oz/470g pistons, ½”/12.7mm diameter nozzles, holding tank, capper, labeller, jar size range 12-64oz/350-1890ml,
photos, video & details here, USA, 72.000 USD
item no.6461

Mondini cream-paste filling line for mini-pots with spoon & toy (2016), 110/min @ 18-22g cream + toy with pot/tray & spoon moulds included, photos, video & details here, Italy, 450.000 euros
item no.6930

Simplex 4-piston glass jar filler, with capper & sealer, was used for filling fruit purée,
photos & details here, USA, 37.500 USD
item no.7055

Elmar 7-head 1 gallon 3.8 Litre filling line for sauces, was packing mayonnaise, with mixing tank, de-palletiser, cleaner, filler, capper, labeller, packer,
photos & details here, USA, 345.000 USD
item no.7136

Mondini PN-20-T pot filling line (2006), 40/min, rectangular tray for cream, toy & spoon,
photos & video here, Italy, 17.000 euros
item no.7137

Mondini C-T pot filling line (2016), 110/min, plastic tray with cream filling, toy & spoon,
photos & video here, Italy, 325.000 euros

item no.7165

Mazzetti Renato Rotoblock FLC chocolate spread glass jar filling & capping machine (2002), 200/min, for 400g & 700g jars, 2-heads for 1-2 colours, with lid-seal, capper & labeller,
photos & video here, Croatia, 32.950 euros 

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