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item no.4541
Hoyer Rollo 20 ice-cream on stick lines with flowpack wrap (1997), 2 available, 6.000/hr, with chocolate coating option, running until April 2019, photos, videos & details here, Chile, 14.000 USD each
item no.6018
Complete ice cream line (2003-2019), up to 500Kg/hr from raw ingredients to Packaging in 80ml tubs, 500ml cubes & tubs & 5 Litre tubs,
photos & details here, Denmark, 350.000 euros
item no.6049
Carpigiani Tre B-p soft ice-cream machine (1997 but rebuilt 2020), for 2 colours,
photos here, Slovenia, 4.950 euros
item no.6403

Suye Foshan ice-pop lolly line (2015), with mixing tanks, 3 x liquid sachet filling machine for 20-100ml @ 100/min,
photos & details here, Europe, 34.000 euros
item no.6517
Complete Yuedong & Shantou ice-pops line (2015), up to 18.000 pops/hr, with juice kitchen, bottle blowing/filling & packaging, photos, videos & details here, Saudi Arabia, 295.000 USD

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