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Chocolate machinery has been divided into several categories. Please choose the category you are interested in from the menu on the left.

For further details regarding any of the machines please click "item no." and the contact details of the owner will be sent to you by e-mail.

item no.1988
Beetz MK2 1000 twin-shaft chocolate mixer for chocolate paste used as pre-refiner before 5-roll refiner, photos here, 26.000 USD
item no.2077
Lödige FKM 1600D mixer for praline fillings 1000 Litres, hot water jacket, stainless steel, motor 22/33kW, outfeed from base, no electrical panel, photos here, 32.000 euros

item no.2174
Stainless steel chocolate kibbler, photos & details here, Australia, 35.000 USD

item no.2758
Frisse 120Kg chocolate mixer, stainless steel interior, bowl 620 x 550 x 400mm deep, photos here, 16.000 USD

item no.3249
Carle & Montanari VDP 750lb 340Kg cocoa powder or paste mixer (1982), photos & details here, Canada, 9.950 USD

item no.3452
Haas Apinox RM350 350Kg 890L, heavy duty double z blade mixer (2003), photos & details here, web page here, Germany, 28.000 euros

item no.3663
Beetz MK2-1000 chocolate mixer 1000Kg capacity (2015),
photos & details here, Germany, 37.000 euros

item no.4273
Buhler SMC-1500 choc­­­olate mixer (1975), 1500Kg, photos here, Malaysia, 32.000 euros

item no.4590
Laska ME800 800 Litre stainless steel z-arm chocolate mixer with auger discharge, photos & details here, New Zealand, 19.950 USD

item no.5803
Low & Duff Macintyre 50PG 2-roll pre-mix refiner system (2004), 5000Kg batch,
photos & details here, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 36.000 euros

item no.6488
Caotech PM-500-H 500Kg chocolate mixer (2004), photos here, Hungary, 23.000 euros

item no.7035

Blender JB-500 double z-blade mixer 500 Litres (2020), stainless steel interior, 2 speed: 9.8 & 18.8 rpm, 22kW main motor, with double jacket, tilting,
photos here, 32.950 USD
item no.7036
Eurowrap 500 Litre double z-blade mixer (new), stainless steel interior, 22kW motor, mechanical tilting,
photos here, 19.950 USD 

item no.7144

Carle Montanari sweetened cocoa mixing line (2020), makes 2300Kg in 7 hours, with auger, mill, cyclone/aspirator & refrigeration system, photos here, Italy, 17.000 euros

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