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item no.4746
Metra chocolate lentil forming line (2004 but never used), 600mm wide rollers, 160Kg/hr, lentils: 14mm diameter, 0.75g, photos & details here, Pakistan, 74.950 euros

item no.4839
Jahn chocolate chip depositing line 600mm wide, for compound & real chocolate, 
photos & details here, UK, 28.000 euros
item no.4840
Jahn chocolate chip depositing line 800mm wide (1985), for compound & real chocolate, photos & details here, UK, 28.000 euros

item no.5719
Westal 600 one-shot moulding line for mini-eggs (1980 approx, reconditioned 2009), set for book-moulding, for 7g, 13g & 30g solid/filled eggs @ up to 250Kg/hr, photos & details here, UK, 110.000 euros 

item no.6205
Winkler & Dunnebier triple-shot moulding line (2004 but as new, unused), for shell + 1-2 fillings, was used for making solid chocolate buttons, up to 500Kg/hr, including mould set: 1172 x 340mm (550 pieces), with Sollich temperers,
photos & details here, Europe, 625.000 euros

item no.6427
Carle Montanari SMART 300-L lentil forming line (1999), for 3/4" Dia x 5/8" thick lentils (19mm dia x 16mm thick), 800mm wide rollers, 12.000 lentils/hr, upgraded electrics, TU 40ft/12m cooling tunnel, bucket elevator & flash removing drum, was making M&M’s, photos here, USA

item no.6497
New 500mm wide chocolate chip forming machine with Glycol chiller & vibrating drum, photos & details here, 42.400 USD

item no.6953

Lloveras BCH-55 chocolate drop-button line (1990), 250Kg/hr, 12-across, 350mm belt width, with 12m x 550mm wide cooling tunnel,
photos & details here, Portugal, 59.950 euros
item no.7059

Lloveras BCH-55 chocolate drops depositing line (1990), 120Kg/hr, 12-across, belt width 350mm, various nozzle plates for 6-20mm diameter drops/buttons, temperer 250Kg/hr & 12m long cooling tunnel, 380V/50Hz, 
photos here, 59.950 euros

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