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Chocolate machinery has been divided into several categories. Please choose the category you are interested in from the menu on the left.

For further details regarding any of the machines please click "item no." and the contact details of the owner will be sent to you by e-mail.

item no.1842
2 x 3000 litre tanks for melting hydrogenated vegetable oils, please make offer, located Argentina, photos here  
item no.3598
Mol d'Art 170kg melter (2007), in good running condition, photos here, Canada, 5950 USD
item no.5679
McCarter 10,000lb 4.5 ton horizontal U-shape chocolate melter, jacketed, no heaters, no motor, for blocks, chips, liquid chocolate, 118" x 60" x 66" high,
photos here, USA, 16.000 USD
item no.6114
FBM K-200 chocolate melting tank (2020, new unused), 200Kg, with pumps & pipework,
photos & details here, UK, 15.500 euros
item no.6827

Savage 0974-40 1250lb 570Kg stainless steel chocolate melting tank (2010), touch screen control, water jacket, electrically heated,
photos & details here,  USA, 18.000 USD 
item no.6856

LST 500Kg fat melters (2021, unused in crates), 3 available, 6kW, 1200 x 1150 x 840mm,
photos here, USA, 3.500 USD each 

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