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item no.10
Pedro Prat 500Kg double z blade mixer for gum (1987), photos here, water jacket, steel interior, tilting, 29.950 euros.

item no.514
Pastorello 170 gum mixer for 150Kg (1973), 7.5HP5.5kW, photos here, Italy, 16.000 euros

item no.545
READ 600 litre DOUBLE SIGMA MIXER, STEAM JACKETED WITH PNEUMATIC TILTING DEVICE. Motor: 220/440V, 84/42AMP, RPM 886, 60HZ. GEAR TYPE R100. Bowl: 93L X 84W X 77D CM Interior: Mild steel. The mixer is being reconditioned with new gears 26.000 USD
item no.546
Guittard 125 Litre z-blade gum mixer, mild steel, steam jacket, motorised tilt, photos & details here, 21.000 USD
item no.1312
Atlas Makina 300Kg double-z blade gum mixer (2004), stainless steel interior, mild steel z-blades, 40HP motor, hydraulic tilting, reconditioned with new control panel, photos here, 19.000 USD
item no.1344
Apinox S1200 CW (Italy) 1200Kg bubble gum mixer (1993), very good condition, all chrome steel, jacketed, hydraulic discharge system, Turkey, 39.950 euros.
item no.1635
Beetz UMK 500 double z mixer (1980), 500 Litres, photos and details here, 11.000 euros
item no.1805
Guittard M50 double z blade mixer for 60Kg batch, stainless steel 316, steam jacket, hydraulic tilting, 7.5kW motor, 380V/220V, photos & video here, 19.950 USD

item no.1999
Pedro Prat 2000Kg double z blade mixer for gum (1995), photos here, water jacket, stainless steel interior, 75HP, tilting, 127.000 euros.
item no.2952
Steiner 450 Litre double z blade gum mixer (as new, 2011), photos & details here, Germany, 125.000 euros

item no.3150
Guittard M58 1000 litre steel, double z blade mixer, double jacket, 75HP, photos here, France, 24.000 euros

item no.3151
Guittard ME60 700 litre steel, double z blade mixer, double jacket, and screw discharge, 2x30 +25HP, photos here, France, 49.950 euros

item no.3152
Fritz Meili 200 double z blade mixer, 150-180 Litres, photos & details here, Germany, 19.000 euros

item no.3207
WLS 7R laboratory z-blade gum mixer (as new), 7 litres, photos & details here, 13.500 USD

item no.3208
JH Day MDB Class 8, 5 gallon, 19 litre laboratory z-blade gum mixer, photos here, mild steel, will be supplied reconditioned, 8.000 USD

item no.3416
W&P UK11 VIII V E2 30Kg 40 Litre double z mixer, steel, manual tilting, photos here, Europe, 12.500 euros

item no.3474
Battaggion IP5AP 5 litre stainless steel double z mixer with double jacket (2001), photos here, France, 17.000 euros 

item no.4475
Laska MEV-250 stainless steel double z blade mixer 250 Litres, 10HP, photos & detail here, France, 8.950 euros

item no.4477
Littleford 1000Litre stainless steel double-z blade mixer (1995), photos & details here, 37.000 USD

item no.5179
Nagema DMK-400 double z mixer 400 Litres, 35HP motor, photos here, Poland, 27.000 euros

item no.5285
Prat 300Kg double z blade mixer for gum (recently overhauled), stainless steel, jacketed, tilting, 45kW motor,
photos here, Turkey, 119.950 euros

item no.5481
Werner heavy duty double-z mixer 100 Litre mixer, 50-70Kg batch, double jacket, mechanical tilting,
photos here, 16.500 USD

item no.6142
Winkworth ZX500-5 double z blade gum mixer & extruder (2014, as new), 500 Litre capacity, stainless steel, 3 x 22kW drives, water jacket,
photos here, Poland, 99.000 euros

item no.6879

Werner & Pleiderer double-z mixer for up to 80Kg gum (1997 approx), mechanical tipping,
photos here, 11.000 USD

item no.7035

Blender JB-500 double z-blade mixer 500 Litres (2020), stainless steel interior, 2 speed: 9.8 & 18.8 rpm, 22kW main motor, with double jacket, tilting,
photos here, 32.950 USD
item no.7036
Eurowrap 500 Litre double z-blade mixer (new), stainless steel interior, 22kW motor, mechanical tilting,
photos here, 19.950 USD 

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