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item no.509
Batch kneader (Ruffinatti IM-30 copy) complete, photos here, Argentina, 15.000 USD
item no.2160
Ruffinatti IM-30 kneader with safety guards, photos here, 14.500 USD

item no.2400
Ruffinatti IM-30 candy puller for 30Kg batches, photos here, Costa Rica, 12.000 USD

item no.2870
Hercules candy kneader up to 50Kg (1965), photos here, Spain, 9000 euros

item no.2871
Ruffinatti EIM-70 candy kneader bowl lift (2003 as new, never used), photos here, Spain, 16.000 euros
item no.3369
CMEC Machines 90Kg stainless steel candy kneader with flavour mixer (2010 but only used 3 years), photos here, South Africa, 16.000 USD

item no.3931
Ruffinatti IM-30 kneader (rebuilt 2018), photos here, Russia, 32.000 euros
item no.4616
Ruffinatti IM-30 candy kneader for 25-50Kg batch, photos here, 19.500 USD

item no.6837

Carle Montanari KZ candy kneaders, 2 available, 3 x 380/400V, 50/60Hz,
photos here, Spain, 14.000 euros
item no.7112

Ruffinatti IM-70 candy kneader (refurbished),
photos here, 35.000 USD

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