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item no.818
Euromec 3204 single screw extruder for chewing gum, 1983, photos and brochure here, Italy, 27.000 euros
item no.1577
Bepex Hutt soft candy/toffee extruder (1996), 800mm working width, with 12m Sollich cooling tunnel and gullotine knife for slab forming, video here, 89.950 USD
item no.1690
Eurowrap double colour extruder (new), up to 1000Kg/hr, with 7.5kW motor and 2 x press rollers to feed screws, can feed up to 4 machines, photos, videos & details here, 34.000 USD
item no.1737
Gum extruder, twin screw, photos and details here, UK, 18.000 GBP
item no.1806
Miralles laboratory extruder 50Kg/hr, photos here, Spain, euros 12.000

item no.3245
Complete Togum & Rose Theegarten bubblegum line (1994), 1200/min, photos & details here, Iran, 465.000 USD

item no.4413
Mazzoni extruders 300Kg/hr, 2 available, photos here, Spain, 19.000 euros each

item no.4685
Mazonni CHW-1000 pre-extruder 1000Kg/hr (1990’s), photos here, 27.500 USD

item no.4766
George Food GF EX-100X2 extruder 1-colour (2013), photos & details here, Turkey, 27.500 USD

item no.4913
Chuan Tye CT- 2-125 extruder with centre-filler, hopper with stirrer (1998), photos here, 38.950 USD

item no.5020
Mazzoni TR100 2-colour extruder (1997), up to 400Kg/hr, twin screw, double jacket, photos here, Spain, 9.000 euros

item no.5624
WLS Gabler KVE-120-F extruder for centre-filling hard candy with gum (2002), up to 500Kg/hr, single-screw,
photos here, South Africa, 32.950 euros

item no.6142
Winkworth ZX500-5 double z blade gum mixer & extruder (2014, as new), 500 Litre capacity, stainless steel, 3 x 22kW drives, water jacket,
photos here, Poland, 99.000 euros

item no.6668
RBL twin-screw 1 colour extruder 400Kg/hr, was used as a pre-extruder for gum,
photos here, Italy, 45.000 euros 

item no.6771
Gabler KM-160-PRE pre-extruder (2009), up to 2500Kg/hr,
photos & details here, Far East, 69.000 euro

item no.6772
Executive extruder (2001), up to 300Kg/hr,
photos & details here, Spain, 56.000 euros

item no.7139
Bosch Togum Comeck 2-122 heavy-duty gum extruder (1999), 1000Kg/hr, 1-2 products/colours, 10 nozzles,
photos here, 52.000 USD

item no.7185
Executive 135-CAT extruder for centre-filling gum into lollipops & candies (1997), up to 1000Kg/hr, mechanical overhaul 2012, brand new electrics for the gum pump & main motor, hopper with double jacket, lance for injecting into batch roller,
photos & details here, Spain, 75.000 euros