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item no.1023
WLS 813 KT6 gum cooler 13-tier, 9m long, 100mm wide band (overhauled), photos here, 27.500 USD
item no.1148
Nuova Euromec cooling tunnel for liquid filled dragee chewing gum, cube gum and round gum, 1990, with cooling and heating battery, video here,  cooled by this machine, Germany, 39.950 Euros
item no.1297
Hansella 71 air cooling tunnel 3 tier reconditioned 14.000 USD
item no.1298
Packo stainless steel Nitrogen, mesh belt cooling tunnel (1998), 660mm x 5m long, 32.000 USD
item no.1691
New Eurowrap 9-tier candy cooler with 500mm wide belt, photos & technical details here, 43.000 USD
item no.2284
Bosch 170DR cooling tunnel (1996), cooling compressor not included, photos here, Pakistan, 17.000 USD
item no.3194
WLS 67 KT 6 cooling tunnel (1981), photos here, Pakistan, 17.000 USD

item no.3216
Nuova Euromec Apollo Star 75 candy cooler (1987), refrigerated, photos here, Europe, 37.000 euros

item no.3217
Reig candy cooler 3 levels (1970), photos here, Spain, 8.000 euros

item no.3218
Reig candy cooler 2 levels (1970), photos here, Spain, 6.000 euros

item no.3522

Hansella 71E 3-tier candy cooler (1984), photos here, Spain, 6.000 euros

item no.3767

Hamac Hansella Bosch 71B 3-tier hard candy cooling belt 10 long, wire mesh belt, ambient cooling, photos here, Europe, 14.500 euros
item no.4405

Bosch 3-tier refrigerated cooler (2000), with new plastic belts, 15HP cooler,
photos here, 65.000 USD
item no.4406
Executive 3-tier refrigerated cooler (1998), good for hard candy, soft candy & gum, photos here, 55.000 USD

item no.4767

George Food GF CT-450-0 cooling tunnel, photos & details here, Turkey, 27.500 USD

item no.4924
Hollow gum ball cooler (2019, ex demo), stainless steel oscillating bed, ambient cooling, for up to 300Kg/hr, 2700 x 1360mm floorspace, photos here, UK, 14.500 euros

item no.5023
Cooling tunnel, 3 tier, each with own speed control, spreading system, cooling system, and infeed/outfeed, photos here, Spain, 21.950 euros

item no.5491
Bosch BTK-0136 candy mass cooling belt 1m wide x 3m long (2004), with 350L feed hopper, steam heated, temperature control & pump,
photos here, Germany, 39.950 euros

item no.7193
WLS 9-tier cooling tunnel 9m long x 500mm wide, with Freon compressor,
photos here, 42.000 USD

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