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item no.2079
Sollich ZK1000 toffee or Conbar cooling drum (1989), photos & details here, 46.950 USD or 54.950 USD with feed belts to batch roller included
item no.2129
HMC toffee cooling drum, stainless steel, 60” diameter and 40” drum width, with motor 575V/30A/60Hz, ex-Mondelez, photos here, Canada, 12.000 USD

item no.2130
Ruffinatti RCT 150 toffee cooling drum, photo here, 15.500 USD
item no.5394

Ruffinatti RCT-100 cooling drum (1994), stainless steel, Teflon coated, 
photos here, 16.000 USD
item no.6824

Hohberger 150cm diameter x 72cm wide cooling drum (refurbished),
photos here, 29.000 USD
item no.6836

Hohberger LCD 4030 #4679 1m diameter x 76cm wide candy cooling wheel (refurbished), with cooling water pump,
photos here, 26.000 USD
item no.6989
Hohberger 750mm wide x 1600mm diameter stainless steel cooling wheel (as new), with circulating pump, photos here, 38.500 USD 
item no.7164
Ruffinatti candy mass cooling wheel 160cm diameter x 70cm wide (reconditioned), with heat exchanger & scraper with stainless steel feeding conveyor & take off conveyor,
photos here, 38.500 USD 

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