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item no.1636
Beetz IMAK 750 double z blade mixer for marzipan, 750 Litres (1975), photos and details here, 11.000 euros
item no.1637
Beetz MAK 100 marzipan mixer, capacity 100Kg, 150 litres, photos and details here, 5.000 euros.
item no.1916
Almond & hazelnut processing plant (1998-2003), up 500Kg/hr, washing, cooking, peeling, drying, sorting, photos here, still set up, 65.000 euros
item no.1918
Complete Bühler STT4
continuous roasting system for nuts and almonds (1993), 1000Kg/hr, still set up, photos & details here, Germany, 299.950 euros
item no.1919
OKA MZF800 marzipan former 800mm working width (1977 but overhauled), with 6 different forming rollers, 1,6 x 1,2 x 1,8m high, 1000Kg, photos here, 28.000 euros

item no.2086
Eberhard Ernst marzipan cooker with stirrer (1991), up to 500Kg/h, stainless steel, steam heated, pneumatic discharge, photos here, 17.000 euros
item no.2348
Beetz UMK 50 stainless steel double Z blade mixer 50 litres (1978), double jacket, fully rebuilt
and hardly used since, photos & details here, Germany, 13.500 euros
item no.2717
EKS AS ball forming line with rope extruder, guillotine and ball former, photos here, Europe, 8.950 euros
item no.2828
Steiner DZK 1000 double z mixer 1000Kg (2010), for mixing marzipan & icing sugar etc, photos & details here, Europe, 99.950 euros
item no.3795
Hajek VT-55 vacuum packing machine, for thermo-forming, vacuum & sealing, format 60 x 150mm & thickness up to 40mm, 50/min, was used for packing marzipan bars, photos here, Denmark, 15.000 euros
item no.3961
Sollich KSF800 marzipan & nougat former 800mm wide (1977), with pre-former & feeder, photos & details here, Germany, 18.000 euros 

item no.4620

Nagema DMK200 stainless steel z-blade dough & marzipan mixer, 120-150Kg batch, tilting, 7.5kW motor, photos here, Germany, 13.000 euros 

item no.4624

Steiner DZK-1000 1600L capacity double z-blade mixer for high viscosity products (2010 but as new), stainless steel, steam reduction, photos & details here, Europe, 145.000 euros

item no.4676

Maseto almond preparation plant (1989), 500Kg/hr, photos & details here, Europe, 85.000 euros

item no.4772

Rheon KN170 depositor for cookies, bars, marzipan etc, as new, only used 3 months, with extra conveyor & guillotine, up to 3.000/hr, photos here, USA, 29.000 USD

item no.5478
Bepex Hutt ST100 heavy mass extruder with several ball cutters, refurbished, new electrics, photos & details here, Poland, 21.950 euros

item no.6192
Complete line for assorted marzipan & one-shot chocolates (1994-2004), with planetary mixers, Kruger Salecker MFT-0800 marzipan former, 2 x Knobel 1-shot depositors, 2 x cooling tunnels & 2 x Sollich enrobers,
photos & details here, Belgium, 105.000 euros

item no.6255
Kruger & Salecker AS519-300S 320mm wide marzipan extruder & former (1996 approx), with 6 different depositing plates & a ARM610 600mm wide 35mm ball former (1994),
photos & details here, Belgium, 15.500 euros

item no.6833
Krüger & Salecker MZF-270 marzipan ball former (2009),
photos here, Germany, 25.000 euros

item no.6934
Fryma Koruma MS-50 CoBall Mill (2019), up to 2000lb (900Kg)/hr, was producing almond paste, photos & details here, USA, 99.950 USD

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