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item no.611
2 x ACMA GD 1200 N-BG Bazooka cut and wrap machines, 900 per minute, 1992 but only used for 4 years, still running. SMABO T25 overwrapping machine, 1996, 85 boxes per minute. 500 litre Double-z mixer for bubble gum, made in Turkey, 1995. Jemlich Record D sugar mill, 1996, 1000 kg/hour, made in Germany. Price for lot 99.000 euros - machines cannot be sold separately
item no.1047
TPE CP-PM800 Pin mill for making icing sugar, 3000Kg/hr, as new, stainless steel, photos & details here, Australia, 27.000 USD  (1047)

item no.1409
Bauermeister UT-42 inclined bar turbo mill, stainless steel, rotor size dia: 780x220mm, grinding dia: 800mm, 1mm sieve cage, motor 45,0kW, 500V, photos here, 39.950 euros
item no.1410
Bauermeister UT-42 turbo mill, stainless steel, rotor size dia: 780x220mm, grinding dia: 800mm, 1mm sieve cage, motor 45kW, 500V, photos here, 39.950 euros
item no.1477
Sugar mill 1000Kg/hr with automatic bucket elevator for loading, worm pipe elevator for unloading to bags, photos here, Poland, 26.000 euros
item no.1478
3 x 50Kg/hr sugar mills, Poland, 3.500 euros each

item no.2131
Bauermeister UT22 sugar mill with auger hopper discharge (1982), 3/575V/60Hz, USA, photos & details here, 31.000 USD

item no.2132
Bauermeister sugar mill, photos & details here, South Africa, 12.000 USD

item no.2210
Jemlich Rekord A-T powder mill (2014 but only used 9 hours!), with 10L stainless steel hopper, photos & details here, 28.000 euros

item no.2211
Mottant CEM, stainless steel powder mill, with metal frame, mobile, feeding screw worm, photos & details here, 5500 euros

item no.2481
Chocotech sugar mill 500Kg/hr (overhauled in 2006), photos & video here, 28.000 USD
item no.2901
Bauermeister UZU11 500Kg/hr sugarmill, photos here, 17.000 USD

item no.2921
Triumph 500Kg/hr sugarmill, photos here, Spain, 8500 euros

item no.3060
Danioni turbo sugarmill up to 500Kg/hr, photos & details here, Europe, 16.000 euros

item no.3116
Rekord C sugar mill up to 800kg/hr, photos & details here, Poland, 28.000 euros

item no.3500

Micron Powder Systems 2DH 304SS sugarmill over 1000Kg/hr (reconditioned 2017), with screw feed hopper & fan filtration, photos & details here, 49.950 USD

item no.3651

Bauermeister Turbomill UT22 sugarmill (1991 but reconditioned 2017), photos & details here, Europe, 27.500 euros

item no.3653
Fitzmill Comminutor DKAS012 sugarmill (reconditioned), photos & details here, 27.500 USD

item no.3654

Prater M35 pin-wheel sugarmill (as new), photos & details here, 32.500 USD

item no.3829

Bauermeister UT23 sugar mills (1990), 2 available, with safety cover & rotor, photos here, Germany, 21.000 euros each 

item no.3830

Bauermeister Asima AP 800 S turbomill (1978), photos & details here, Germany, 32.000 euros 

item no.4279
Hosokawa Alpine 315UPZ pin mill (2009), with platform, was used for spices, coffee etc, photos & details here, France, 69.950 euros

item no.4314

Bauermeister BE-2000 sugar mill, 1000Kg/hr, #33947,
photos here, Finland, 12.000 euros

item no.4555

Talo Danioni Super Rex 523 sugarmill (1996 approx), up to 600Kg/hr, photos here, 26.000 USD

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