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item no.848
Wenger (USA) TX144 snack food extruder-line www.wenger.com complete with double screw-extruder 3.60 m long, scales, mixer with Liquid-, Steam- and Vacuum-additions, pre-dryer, main dryer, cooler, outlet sieve and the Control System (ALLEN BRADLEY). 1 ton/hour. Made 2001 but only has 5.000 production hours. 549.000 Euros + dismantling + shipping. 
item no.1334
APV Baker (Baker Perkins) MPF 50:25 twin screw cooker extruder for lab development work or low volume production of snacks, cereals, pet food, etc., at up to around 80 kg/hr. Machine includes K-tron powder feeder and hopper, water pump, face cutter and chiller unit for cold water supply (barrel temperature control).

item no.1335
Baker Perkins band drier 6m long, for drying snacks, cereals, dry pet food, fish food pellets, etc., up to 300Kg/hr.

item no.1336
Hayssen Sandiacre VFFS bagging machine with Yamato 14 head weigher mounted on new support frame with access gantry, up to 90 bags/min and suitable for free-flowing items such as snacks, cereals, dry pet-food, etc.

item no.1591
Lawrence Equipment Double 32" Press Flour Tortilla Production Line (2004), for Mexican tortilla, video here, photos and details here, USA, 890.000 USD
item no.1717
Florigo frying line for production of spicy snacks out of pellets, up to 250Kg/h, with vibrating feed hopper, feed belt, deep-fryer, oil draining belt, sprinkling device for spices, coating drum, double extraction hoods, cooling belt, 420 litre fresh oil tank, 750 litre used oil tank, control cabinet, boiler with thermal oil as carrier with exhaust flue, photos here, 59.950 euros
item no.1886
Twiglets, pretzels, thin bread stick snacks line 30Kg/hr, from moulder to oven, photos & details here, 69.950 euro
item no.2137
Heat & Control potato chip line 750Kg/hr, photos & details here, USA, 280.000 USD
item no.2138
10 x Ishida CCWS212 14-head weighers, photos & details here, USA, 11.500 USD each
item no.2139
10 x Hayssen Ultima SF VFFS bagging machines with Markham printers, 65/min., photos & details here, was used for potato chips, USA, 8.000 USD each

item no.2234
Silvo automatic rotary pellet fryer, photos & details here, 19.000 euros

item no.2347
Superior CF-700 hot oil fryer (2004), photos & details here, USA, 79.950 USD

item no.2846
JC Ford corn tortilla system (1998), 1000/hr, photos & details here, USA, 53.000 USD

item no.2956
T Pack Turbofrit G300 potato chip/crisps line (2001), 300Kg/hr, photos & details here, Spain, 39.950 euros

item no.3021
Cretors HSP-200 200lb/hr hot air popcorn popper line, photos & details here, USA, 35.000 USD

item no.3022
2 x Manley 205 500/hr popcorm cooker coater machines, photos & details here, USA, 22.000 USD each

item no.3075
Complete automatic fried potato chip line 70Kg/hr, photos & details here, Europe, 60.000 euros
item no.3117
Schaaf 800PTFE flavour coater, drier & cooler for cereals (2004), photos & details here, Poland, 140.000 euros
item no.3301
Snack frying line, 500-1000Kg/hr (about 2007), photos & details here, Europe, 24.000 euros

item no.3581
Complete sugar popcorn line up to 75Kg/hr (2016), with vertical bagging machine (2006), photos & video here, Turkey, 42.000 euros

item no.3693
Florigo AC300 potato crisp line (1994), 300Kg/hr, complete, still set up,
photos & details here, United Arab Emirates, 185.000 USD 

item no.3836

American Extrusion International snack line, photos & details here, Pakistan, 32.000 USD
item no.3876
Complete JC Ford tortilla chips line (1997 with regular upgrades), 540 Kg/hr, still running, video & details here, Germany, 399.950 euros
item no.3907
Florigo AC500 snacks plant for Lays-type potato crisps (2006), 500Kg/hr, photos & details here, Turkey, 135.000 euros
item no.3908
Florigo BDUO 500ED pellet frying line for & Dorito tortilla chips & pet food (2006), 500Kg/hr, photos & details here, Turkey, 135.000 euros

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