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item no.2648
Loma Superscan Micro band metal detector, aperture 240 x 50mm, photos & details here, Holland, 7000 euros.
item no.2755
Boekels EML metal detector (1986) aperture 35cm x 20cm, photos here, Germany, 3500 euros
item no.2756
2 x Safeline Signature metal detectors, aperture 345mm x 149mm photos here, Holland, 4950 euros each
item no.2932
Lock metal detector (2003), photos & details here, Europe, 6500 euros
item no.2933
Goring Kerr TEK21 metal detector, photos & details here, Europe, 3600 euros
item no.3001
MDR TKDE 220-120 Z MP TS AIZ metal detector with belt (2004), aperture 250 x 100mm, 500W, 600 x 1100 x 1050mm, photos & video here, Croatia, 3.750 euros
item no.3396
Loma IQ2 metal detector, aperture: 27.5" x 7", belt: 24" x 92" link-type plastic belt, 220V, photos here, USA, 10.500 USD
item no.3397
Loma IQ2 metal detector, aperture: 22" x 7", belt: 16" x 58" link-type plastic belt, 220V, photos here, USA, 10.500 USD
item no.3746
Anritsu KD7316AW x-ray machine (2005 but as new), aperture 400 x 160mm, photos here, USA 29.950 USD
item no.4171
Prisma Integrato metal detector & checkweigher (2010), for ferrous & non-ferrous metals, 230V 50/60Hz, photos & details here, Portugal, 5.950 euros 

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