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item no.692
Complete NID Mogul line for jellies: 1975, details, videos & photos here, Price: 120.000 USD. Location: South America

item no.2444
Guisso (Italy) jelly mogul (1979), 1 colour, 10 trays/min, photos & details here, Peru, 149.950 USD

item no.2479
Kreuter jelly mogul line(1980’s) , single colour, 4 trays/min, 0,5-10g dosing, oiling and sanding, starch drier, 1500 wooden trays: 28” x 15,5” x 1,5”, 15 different moulds, photos here, Pakistan, 79.950 USD

item no.3109
Illig FS32 jelly & chocolate depositing into thermoformed top sealed trays (1986), with cooker & Makat depositor, photos & details here, Egypt, 54.000 euros

item no.3110
APV Starchless jelly line (1994), 500-1000Kg/hr, set for round, photos & details here, 59.950 USD

item no.3902
APV 2-stage depositing line for solid or centrefilled pectin jellies, soft candy or hard candy, with original moulds, photos here, 105.000 USD

item no.4016
Complete Memak deposited candy & jelly plant (2017), 600-700Kg/hr, photos, videos & details here, currently set for jellies with double twist wrap, India, 499.950 euros

item no.4062
6 colour pump for Makat HLM35 jelly mogul, photos & details here, Spain, 16.500 euros
item no.4185
Bindler mini-mogul for jelly printing & depositing (checked & ready to run), semi-automatic, for depositing into starch trays or Silicone moulds, 16 nozzles, up to 48 strokes/min, photos & details here, 19.950 USD

item no.4435
Winkler & Dunnebier 361 starch jelly mogul line (1974), up to 25 trays/min, 6-colour, photos & details here, Germany, 65.000 euros

item no.4449
Mini-mogul & sugaring drum made in Italy (1975), 2000 trays 800 x 450mm, 6-7 trays/min, trays 150Kg/hr, photos here, Poland, 59.950 euros

item no.4648
Makat HLM35 RS Jumbo starch mogul for jellies (2006), up to 30 trays/min, simultaneous 4-colour depositing, photos, video & details, Europe

item no.4649
NID M301 starch mogul jelly line, with 2 depositors (2003 &2005), 18 trays/min, 6 colour, kitchen, dryers, oiler & sugar sander, photos, video & details here, Pakistan, 125.000 USD

item no.4677
Werner Makat PMU-15 starch mogul (1992), 10 trays/min, 2 depositing heads, with moulds, starch conditioning, photos & details here, Ukraine, 165.000 euros

item no.4775
NID JD-400 mini mogul, running until Dec 2019, photos & details here, Belgium, 7.500 euros 

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