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item no.2444
Guisso (Italy) jelly mogul (1979), 1 colour, 10 trays/min, photos & details here, Peru, 125.000 USD 
item no.4062
6 colour pump for Makat HLM35 jelly mogul, photos & details here, Spain, 16.500 euros

item no.5266
NID starch jelly moulding line (1990), no kitchen, with stackers, trays, dust collector & starch dryer, photos, video & details here, can be seen running under power, Pakistan, 425.000 USD

item no.5969

NID M301
-S mogul line (1989 but rebuilt 2007), up to 22 trays/min, 1 depositor, 6-colour, with 4 drying chambers for trays, still running, photos & details here, Italy, 260.000 euros

item no.6181
National (USA) jelly mogul (1957), with NID tray stacker/de-stacker (1984), 2 colour depositing, starch conditioner, 3000 wooden trays, still running, photos, video & details here, USA, 145.000 USD

item no.6243
Makat HLM-35 mogul (1994), 18 trays/min, 1-colour, about 5000 wooden trays, plates & forming heads for 1) diamond, 2) dome, 3) heart shapes,
photos, videos & details here, France, 95.000 euros

item no.6425
NID M-301 mogul line with kitchen (1987), up to 25 trays/min, with pre-mixer, mixer, jet cooker, tray stacker, one-head depositor, 3-colour, foam depositor, 4000 fibreglass trays,
photos & details here, Australia, 149.950 USD

item no.6525
NID jelly & marshmallow depositing line (1980’s but rebuilt 2008), 14 trays/min, 2 hoppers for centrefill/shell moulding, jelly depositing head, marshmallow depositing head, 2000 wooden trays, photos & videos here, South Africa, 99.950 USD

item no.6554

Winkler & Dünnebier 361 jelly & marshmallow mogul line (1978 but still running), 12 trays/min, with Hansa foam mixer,  complete kitchen & jet cooker, 2 depositing heads, glazing, sugaring, metal detector, 20.000 starch trays, drying rooms, photos & details here, Europe, 375.000 euros

item no.6759

Costruzoni Meccaniche starch mogul depositor (1999), 26 cycles/min, for 400 x 400 x 50mm trays (not included), plates with 18 & 36 nozzles,
photos & details here, Italy, 29.500 euros

item no.6854

NID Jumbo mogul (1998), available 03/24, with 3 depositors, filling depositor, 6 colours, complete Bosch Gravomat kitchen for 4.000Kg/hr, 40.000 wooden Treiber trays & starch dryer,
videos here, Spain, price on request

item no.6855
Makat Jumbo HLM-35 RS mogul (overhauled 2021), 30 trays/min,  4-colour, with complete Klockner Hansel kitchen, new 1-shot depositor for Ricola-like product with pectin and gelatin possible, multi-colour & filling with 1 layer, new plastic trays 1200 x 800 x 500mm, oiling & sugaring, photos & details here, USA, 
price on request
item no.6932

Winkler & Dunnebier 660 jelly mogul (2017), 30 trays/min, 1 hopper, multi-colour, 12 sets of plates & moulds, 15.000 fibreglass trays, spare depositor (new), starch dryer, Europe, photos, details & price on request

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