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item no.91
NID laboratory small oiler for jellies, euros 9.00
item no.1125
Nagema EU7 double twist wrapping machine for jellies, with vibrating belt feeder, 120-180/min, photos here, 35.000 USD

item no.1279
Mondomix UB25 aerating machine suitable for marshmallow and cream, 1000Kg/hr, 1985, good running condition, photo here, 19.950 euros

item no.1280
Mondomix UA15 aerating machine suitable for marshmallow and cream, 300Kg/hr, 1992, photo here, 9950 euros

item no.1282
Trefa T-250 aerating machine 300Kg/hr, suitable for marshmallow and cream, 1998, 5.5kW, 1000 rpm, photo here, 12.000 euros
item no.1395
Mondomix TWIN A15 aerator (1998), two heads, for foam masses like those used for Negro Kisses or chocolate-coated marshmallows, up to 275K/hr, photos and details here, 45.000 USD
item no.1923
6.000 Treiber starch trays (ex Makat PUM 15) filled with powder, 800 x 400 x 33mm, photos here, Germany, 2.70 euros each with starch or 3.00 euros without starch.

item no.2005
Ter Braak 1000 soft candy and jelly cooker 1500Kg/hr (1995), photos here, overhauled, 48.000 euros
item no.2193
Simionato 16-head weigher for jellies (2003), photos here, Spain, 50.000 euros
item no.2339
2 x Ter Braak jelly oilers (1989 approx), photos & details here, reconditioned, Spain, 19.950 euros

item no.2340
Ter Braak sugar sander (1989 approx), photos & details here, reconditioned, Spain, 19.950 euros

item no.2423
Tanis marshmallow aerator 1800Kg/hr (2003), with chiller included, photos  here, 47.000 euros

item no.2424
Tonelli Universal 2000 marshmallow aerator 700Kghr (1987), photos here, 14.000 euros
item no.2474
Chocotech Carastar 500 jelly, sugar, caramel, ganasch kitchen 500Kg/hr (2008), photos & details here, Germany, available from 2017!, 199.950 euros
item no.2477
Jelly & marshmallow kitchen (1984-88), Ter Braak, SRI & Mondomix, photos & details here, Iceland 15.000 euros

item no.2504
Mondomix VB25 marshmallow aerator (2004) up to 400Kg/hr, photos & details here, New Zealand, 49.950 USD
item no.2712
Ter Braak jelly cooking plant (1987-2009), up to 2000Kg/hr, photos & details here, 29.950 euros

item no.2713
Ter Braak jelly sugaring drum with grid belt and steam hood, stainless steel interior, photos here, Germany, 13.000 euros

item no.3065
Pumps & nozzle plates for NID301 mogul, photos & details here, Spain

item no.3066
Pumps & nozzle plates for Winkler & Dunnebier 361 mogul, photos & details here, Spain

item no.3096
80.000 wooden Treiber trays for NID jelly mogul (2008 approx), 820 x 370 x 50mm, photos here, 2,50 euros/tray

item no.3286
APV jet cooker for jelly 250Kg/hr (1990’s), photos & details here, 19.950 USD

item no.3287
7500 x Makat starch trays with starch, 365 x 810 x 40-60mm, photos here, Germany, 2,95 euros each

item no.3316
Nagema EU8 double twist wrapping machine for jellies (1991), with hand-fed disc feeder, 80-100/min,
photos here, 19.950 USD
item no.3484
Ishida 14-head weigher with Imasezzadio bagger for jellies (2003), photos here, 42.000 euros

item no.3515
Fairfield Dalton jet cooker for jellies, photos & details here, UK, 28.000 euros

item no.3642
HMF Krampe Euromix continuous aerator for marshmallow, nougat etc, with tank & pumps, up to 500Kg/hr,
photos & details, 38.500 USD

item no.3670
Makat TF8000-mini starch drying & cooling plant (2001),
photos & details here website here , Germany, 58.000 euros 

item no.3770

Mondomix E50 jelly aerator (2002), up to 2000Kg/hr, photos & details here, Europe, 45.000 euros
item no.3904

Mondomix UE-50 aerator for marshmallow & biscuit creams, up to 1600 litres/hr, 480V/3P/60HZ/24A, 8 bar max, photos here, USA, 15.000 USD
item no.4017
Ter Braak Jet cooker, 1500Kg/hr (1987) with Otto Hansel colour/acid dosing system with 4 pumps (1998), photos of jet cooker here, Spain, 75.000 euros

item no.4062
6 colour pump for Makat HLM35 jelly mogul, photos & details here, Spain, 16.500 euros
item no.4096
Treiber wooden trays 8000 available with starch, 810 x 360 x H40/60mm, photos here, France, 11.000 euros
item no.4252
Treiber wooden starch trays 820x370x60mm, powder depth 33mm, 35-40000 available,
photos here, 1.90 euros each
item no.4253
GD 2500 double twist wrapper for jellies, speed up to 100/hr,
photos here, 19.950 USD
item no.4254
Rose Forgrove 22B double twist wrapper for jellies, up to 100/hr,
photos here, 19.950 USD
item no.4431
Wooden trays for starch jelly mogul, photos here, 3500 available, outside dimensions 805 x 400 x 60mm, Poland, 5.50 euros each
item no.4612
Morton APW-200 air-pressure whisk 220 Litres (1999), for nougat or marshmallow, photos & details here, 26.000 USD

item no.4702

Klockner universal cooker & kitchen (2011), 1400Kg/hr, continuous cooking, inline colour/flavouring, was used for fruit gums but can be used for hard & soft candy, last ran 2016, still set up, photos & details here, USA, 95.000 USD

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