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item no.358
Marshmallow extrusion line, 400Kg/hr, with 4 colour extruder, photos & details here, 60.000 GBP dismantled and loaded. 

item no.1429
Complete Alpha Laval marshmallow extrusion line (2000), 4 colours, various shapes, from cooking to weighing & bagging, Ukraine, photos & details here, 270.000 euros

item no.1442
Nielsen 24" (610mm) wide 16-lane, 2 roll marshmallow depositor, photos here, 16.000 USD
item no.2231
Complete line for encrusted & deposited marshmallow (2004 but never used), photos & details here, Malaysia, 200.000 USD
item no.4888
Ar-Can extruded marshmallow line (2010), 300Kg/hr, for 20mm diameter x 93mm pieces, with jelly aerator, belt oiler, extruder, cooler & cutter, photos & details here, Turkey, 85.000 USD
item no.5102
Complete Chocotech OKA Angel Kiss line (2001, but little used), kitchen for marshmallow, depositing & chocolate enrobing, up to 8500/hr, photos & details here, Poland, 260.000 euros

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