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item no.1754
Complete Baker Perkins solid toffee line (1980’s), with Carablend cooker, 14-nozzle depositor, 20.5mm dia. x 11mm round moulds, cooling conveyor and compressors, photos & video here, 75.000 GBP
item no.3109
Illig FS32 jelly & chocolate depositing into thermoformed top sealed trays (1986), with cooker & Makat depositor, photos & details here, Egypt, 54.000 euros
item no.3430
APV candy deposting line for hard candy & toffee eclairs, with Silicon moulds, photos here, Belgium, 79.950 euros 

item no.4016
Complete Memak deposited candy & jelly plant (2017), 600-700Kg/hr, photos, videos & details here, currently set for jellies with double twist wrap, India, 449.950 euros

item no.4125
Complete W&D deposited candy line (1991), 1.100Kg/hr @ 5.2g, from cooking to bagging, photos & details here, South America, 149.950 USD

item no.4161
APV deposited hard candy line (1999), with kitchen, Microfilm cooker and depositor, last ran 2015, centrefill candy possible, photos, video & details here, Pakistan, 149.950 USD

item no.4542
Winkler & Dunnebier deposited hard candy line with Tanis kitchen (1997), up to 500Kg/hr, photos, videos & details here, still running in production, Poland, 195.000 Euros

item no.4861
APV single-stage depositing line for jellies and candies (2000), with Silicone mould set for 55mm round x 10mm, currently used for soft candy with chocolate center fill, with 19m stainless steel cooler, photos here, 109.950 USD

item no.5475
APV 3-colour jelly & soft candy depositing line (2011 but only used 4 years), with Silicone mould set for 3-colour, 3-layer, sugar-free, oval soft candies/jelly 23 x 15 x 11mm, 3.7g, with Chocotech cooker & 13.7m long APV cooler, photos & details here, Canada, 245.000 USD
item no.5650
Yixun YX-CD 150 complete jelly depositing line (2016, but new still in crates), up to 150Kg/hr, with kitchen, depositor, 5 sets of moulds, cooler, sugar coater & VFFS weigher/packer,
photos & details here, Poland 160.000 euros

item no.5758
SRC Machinery JCPL-300 jelly depositing line (2017), 300Kg/hr, 1-colour, with 2 sets of moulds & Jinhong YW-S800 double twist wrapping machine up to 500/min, sugar sander, kitchen not included, still running,
photos, videos & details here, Moldova, 54.950 euros

item no.6141
Shanghai Quinhui QH-600 2-colour jelly & soft candy depositing line (2016), up to 600Kg/hr, for 2-8g jellies, with 2 cookers, 4 tanks, cooling tunnel, 2 coaters, moulds available,
photos & details here, UK, 72.000 euros

item no.6426
Baker Perkins ServoFlow mini depositor for jelly gummies (2019), 50Kg/hr, 1-colour, 2-16g, servo-driven depositing system, continuous indexing mould conveyor, full PLC controls, photos & details here, USA, 120.000 USD
UK, 72.000 euros

item no.6456
Baker Perkins ServoForm mini-confectionery depositor (2019), for 2-16g, manual mould feed, 10-across, single colour, good for candies, jellies, toffees, lollipops, photos here, UK 54.000 euros

item no.6714

PL-120-Q semi-automatic depositing line for jellies (2011), up to 13 trays/min, 1-2 colours, liquid fill option, sets of 800 Silicone moulds 1 for round & 1 for mixed shapes, 2 cooling tunnels, copper coating pans,
photos & details here, Poland, 135.000 euros

item no.6715

BTE depositing line for jellies (2018), up to 200Kg/hr, only used 2 weeks, 2 sets of Teflon coated moulds: 1 for hand, 1 for pig-face,
photos & details here, USA, 170.000 USD

item no.6774

QH Bake Machinery J-40 gummy depositing line (2021, new unused), up to 36.000 pieces/hr, with syrup kitchen, 100 moulds for flower shape, 380 x 75mm Teflon coated moulds, sugar sander, 
photos & details here, USA, 54.950 USD 

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