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item no.2477
Jelly & marshmallow kitchen (1984-88), Ter Braak, SRI & Mondomix, photos & details here, Iceland 15.000 euros

item no.3286
APV jet cooker for jelly 250Kg/hr (1990’s), photos & details here, 19.950 USD

item no.3515
Fairfield Dalton jet cooker for jellies, photos & details here, UK, 28.000 euros

item no.4017
Ter Braak Jet cooker, 1500Kg/hr (1987) with Otto Hansel colour/acid dosing system with 4 pumps (1998), photos of jet cooker here, Spain, 75.000 euros
item no.4871
Loynds universal cooking pan 50Kg batch for all types of candy, jelly etc (ex-demo), photos here, UK, 17.500 euros

item no.5233
Hansel Unibatch universal batch cooker 200Kg batch (2017, as new, unused), up to 800Kg/hr, for all types of candy, caramel, jelly etc, photos & details here, Denmark, 235.00 euros 
item no.6600

Hosokawa TBT-100 soft candy batch cooker (2015), up to 130Kg batch, 300Kg/hr, good for caramel and toffee, jellies (based on pectin, gelatine, agar or Gum Arabic), fruit fillings and jams,
photos & details here, Australia, 32.950 USD
item no.6659

Complete Tanis kitchen & Berkurt jet cooker for gelatine & pectin products (2006-7), up to 3200Kg/hr,
photos & details here, send message for price

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