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item no.1958
Vickery (Canada), 1000mm wide moving head continuous motion guillotine bar cutter for nougat or wafer, ex-Cadbury “as new”, needs a control panel, photos here, cost 250.000 USD, now just 9.950 USD!

item no.2629
Sasib longitudinal and transversal layer cake guillotine cutter 1000-1200mm width, with disc cleaner, stainless steel, photos here, 52.000 USD
item no.2694
Hoba Kapsel cake slicer (2011), photos & details here, Holland, 14.500 euros

item no.3280
Sollich SGU800 guillotine cutter for bars, 800mm working width, photos here, 43.000 USD
item no.4052
Lippelt guillotine cutter, 600mm wide, new belts, speed adjustable to belt speed, cut length adjustable, photos & videos here, Germany, 7.500 euros
item no.4168
Cereal bar guillotine & slitter, manufacturer unknown, 48”/1200mm wide, photos & details here, USA, 32.000 USD
item no.4215
Azco SKC630 26” 66cm wide guillotine cutter (2016), photos & details here, USA, 21.000 USD
item no.4263
Hosokawa Bepex MS-D1000 1m wide guillotine cutter (1997), last used for fudge, with infeed/outfeed,
photos here, UK, 9.950 euros
item no.4397

PTL guillotine slitter & cutter for all types of bar,
photos & details here, New Zealand, 59.950 USD
item no.4965

Food Tools CS-10WW cake guillotine cutter (2006), photos & video here, Canada, 21.000 USD

item no.5033

Foodtools CS-10TWWA guillotine cake slicer, photos & details here, USA, 27.000 USD

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