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item no.2199
Tetra Brik Aseptic Pak TBA 19, 125 ml Slim (2006), photos & details here, 360.000 USD
item no.2314
PET bottle filling line made by Consorcio Tres of Argentina (2008), for carbonated and still beverages, of any size, photos & details here, Chile, 75.000 USD
item no.2386
Optima DE MFL jar & bottle filling and sealing line for powder (2010), for coffee, drinking chocolate etc, photos & details here, Switzerland, 99.000 Euros
item no.2414
Kugler K54R & K708 filling, capping & labelling line (1987), photos & details here, 19.950 euros
item no.2416
Breitner IDL 2046 filling & capping line (2002), photos & details here, 75.000 euros
item no.2591
TetraPak TT3 XH filling machine (2008), for 100ml cartons, photos& details here, still set up, Turkey, 685.000 euros
item no.2592
SIG CombiBlock juice filling line (2004-2006), 500ml, 750ml & 1 Litre cartons, photos & details here, Europe, 145.000 euros
item no.2913
Krones asceptic rinsing & filling line for 1.5L PET bottles (2005), 24.000/hr, still & carbonated soft drinks, photos & details here, Portugal, 170.000 euros
item no.3326
Krones Autocol single-head bottle labeller (1998 but fully overhauled and upgraded in 2016), 10.000/hr, was running until 02/2018, videos here, South Africa, 14.000 USD
item no.3478
Tetra Pak TBA19 TPA aseptic filler for 330ml Prisma square (2002), photos & details here, UK, 129.950 euros

item no.3479
Tetra Pak A3 Flex Line 100v, for 1 litre slim, photos & details here, UK, 215.000 euros

item no.3480
Tetra Pak TBA21 aseptic filling line for 200ml & 500ml slim, photos & details here, UK, 345.000 euros

item no.3601
Complete, bottling line for Ketchup, Mayonnaise sauces etc (2008 but as new), 30/min, up to 1 gallon bottles, photos & details here, USA, 105.000 USD
item no.3709
SMF Combi 400 PET bottle water filling line (2012-14), 12.000/hr @ 500ml PET,
photos here, still running, Turkey, 195.000 euros
item no.3858
ELF water bottling line for 500ml & 1L PET bottles (2007-8), photos & details here, USA, 85.000 USD
item no.4006
Galdi RG250-2UCS carton forming, filling & sealing for 1.75, 1 & 2L milk cartons (2012), 7.000/hr, photos & details here, Israel, 315.000 euros
item no.4367
Tecma Aries Arican CNC 4/12 multipack sleeving/labelling machine for 330ml & 500ml bottle multipacks (2004),
photos & details here, Finland, 49.950 euros
item no.4666
Complete bottle blowing & C2 Green Tea filling plant, 24.000 bottles/hr, photos & details here, Indonesia, 650.000 USD

item no.4869
Complete KHS PET bottling plant for hot & cold fill, carbonated soft drinks (2003), 300ml & 400ml @ up to 24.000bph, photos & details here, Thailand, 315.000 euros

item no.5007
Complete bottle blowing & filling line (2017-18), for 8L, 11L and 18.7L containers, photos & details here, Canada, 799.950 USD

item no.5008
Cidec RVC16-5 bottling and capping line for corrosive & chemical products (1990), up to 1.5L, photos & details here, France, 25.000 euros

item no.5136
Girondine 24-head rotary auto-filler (2005), 200ml @ 6.000/hr, for 100, 125, 150 & 200ml bottles, photos & details here, France, 49.950 euros 

item no.5189
Tetra Pack TBA-19 line for pasteurised juice (2003 with full Tetra Pak maintenance), 7500 packs/hr, 1500l/hr, still running in production, for TBA-19 TBA 200 Slim, with straw applicator, cardboard packer, photos & details here, 299.950 euros

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