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item no.510
2 x stainless steel polishing/sugar/chocolate coating pans, 2003, 1700mm diameter, depth 840mm. 9500 USD each "as new".
Price 3000 euros each 
item no.4862
Loynds CP1000 1m 39 inch wide, ribbed, stainless steel polishing pan (2018), 50cm wide aperture, 1.5kW motor 3/60/220v, with hot air blower, photos here, USA, 10,500 USD

item no.4863
Polishing pan, 150cm 60 inch wide, ribbed, stainless steel, 34” aperture, gearbox and drive, 5HP 3/60/208,230,460v, photos here, USA, 14.500 USD

item no.5210
DKSH-300 copper coating/polishing pans, 300Kg batch each, electronic tilting, with baffles, 2 available, with platform, air blowing, shared electric panel, photos here, Poland, 42.000 euros for complete set but pans can sold separately.

item no.5906
Ribbed, stainless steel polishing pan 1500mm 60 inch diameter, 5HP, 3 x 208/230/460V, 60Hz, photos here, USA, 14.000 USD

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