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item no.608
Dumoulin IDA750 sugar coating system 750Kg batch (1970’s), with syrup tank, photos & details here, Egypt, 69.950 Euros 

item no.1039
Complete sugar coating system, G.R. Ingeniería (Chile), 1000Kg/batch, 2007, photos & technical details here , S. America, 69.950 USD.
item no.1184
2 x Chocolate coating drums 100Kg made by Sian Gap (Malaysia), 2007, 100Kg, 22.000 USD each
item no.1567
Lödige LHC 150 stainless steel sugar coating pan 350 Litres (2005), for pharmaceutical applications, photos and details here, 340.000 euros.
item no.1712
Driam Dria stainless steel 300Kg batch coating machine, with 1600 x 850mm drum, spray arm and electrical cabinet, 230V/460V, 3.7kW, photos here, 19.950 euros

item no.2534
Pellegrini coating drum, 1500mm diameter, 540mm aperture, photos here, 14.000 USD  

item no.2714
Driam 1200 sugar 300Kg coating drum (1989), with switchboard, photos here, 35.000 euros

item no.2776
2 x GS Coating System NT300 polishing drums 300Kg (2000 but new unused), photos here, 37.000 USD each

item no.3078
Dumoulin IDA 3000 3000Kg sugar coating drum, photos & details here, 350.000 euros, Europe

item no.3112
Complete dragee factory for chocolate coated products from coating to polishing & packaging, photos & details here, Poland, 635.000 euros

item no.3258

Dumoulin T-IDA-3000 3000Kg sugar coating drum (1990), photos & details here, France, 145.000 euros 

item no.3587
Manesty Accela Cota 350-60 pharmaceutical grade sugar coater, photos here, Europe, 49.950 euros

item no.3752
Lodige HCF-170 HCS-170 coating drum 550 litres (1982), photos & details here, Czech Republic, 65.000 euros

item no.4073
Dumoulin T-IDA 750 sugar coating machine (1980’s), photos & details here, Europe, 47.000 euros

item no.4429
Shroter SCC 05 PLC 150Kg chocolate & sugar coating drum (2005 but as new), with full spray system, was used for M&M type product, photos & details here, Poland, 49.950 euros

item no.4444
Manesty Accelacota 75 film coating drum (1975), with steam generators, spray system & pump, photos, video & details here, Holland, 38.000 euros

item no.4693
Dumoulin T-IDA 3000 machine for sugar & chocolate coating (1991), 3000Kg capacity, 500L tank, scales, dryer, hot air system, photos & details here, France, 185.000 euros

item no.4969
Manesty Accela XLTM Cota 350 sugar coating machine (1997), 350Kg batch, photos & details here, France, 49.950 euros

item no.5414
Pellegrini IMA HE-150 150 litre coating drum (2004), PLC control,
photos & details here, 35.000 euros 

item no.5658
Manesty Accela-Cota 10 pharma-grade coating drum for 17.5Kg batch, with complete spray system, dust extraction, heater, variable speed,
photos here, Portugal, 19.950 euros 

item no.5700
Glatt GC-750-500 coating drum (1995), with 2-head sprayer, with 500mm diameter perforated drum for up to 15Kg & 750mm diameter drum for up to 45Kg batch, dust collector, air-treatment, steam boiler & CIP system,
photos & details here, France, 79.950 euros 

item no.6033
O’Hara Labcoat 100 sugar coating drum (2021), up to 106Kg batch, with spray system & extractor fan,
photos & details here, Switzerland, 295.000 euros 

item no.6376
Dumoulin IDA-500 sugar coating drum (reconditioned), 500Kg batch, PLC control,
photos here, 59.000 euros

item no.6628

Dumoulin T-IDA-2000-X sugar coating drum 2000Kg (1997), for hard.sugar, sugar-free & polishing, with syrup tank, loading belt, spray system, air handling,
photos & details here, Italy, 399.950 euros

item no.6660

Pellegrini T-300 300Kg sugar coating drums, 3 available,
photos here, 9.950 USD each

item no.6905

Dumoulin Coating Pan Logic chocolate coating drum (2019), up to 1000Kg batch,
photos & details here, USA, 149.950 USD

item no.7091

Pellegrini sugar coating drums, 2 available, probably T-300 300Kg, no ID plates, diameter 1520mm x 520mm, no spray system,
photos here, Netherlands, 9.950 euros each

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