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item no.1789
Latini Dhiman Group DBC1500 belt-type chocolate coating system (2014), 300Kg/hr, for coating peanuts and raisins, with 4-head spray nozzle system, 300 Litre jacketed holding tank and new pump, spare parts (belt parts, spare spray nozzle, original pumps), video here and details here, South Africa, USD 44.000

item no.4799
Confitech RCN-300 chocolate belt-type coating machine 300 litres, photos here, Poland, 48.000 euros

item no.4879
DTG Finn coater belt coater 1200mm wide (2003), photos & details here, 19.950 USD

item no.5093
DTG Finn belt coating machine 1150mm wide, 250Kg/hr, for coating dragee centres such as nuts, dried fruits, fondant centres etc with chocolate or fat-based masses, photos here, UK, 14.500 euros

item no.5641
Tinsley 60 inch 1500mm wide stainless steel belt coater (2012), blower, PLC, load cells, chocolate valve, 3x220V/60Hz,
photos here, USA, 43.000 USD 

item no.5921
Mimosa 1800mm wide chocolate coating belt (2019), with drip feed & blower, load cells, 3 x 240V/60Hz,
photos here, USA, 29.000 USD

item no.6024
Confitech RCN-300 chocolate belt coater 300L, 240Kg batch, (2010), with air system, chocolate tank 1000Kg & pump,
photos here, Poland, 93.000 euros  

item no.6075
Nunziata TN100-CIOC 300Kg chocolate belt coater (2010),
photos here, Italy, 36.000 euros

item no.6813
Schroeter SCC belt coaters 1050mm wide, 2 x SCC-05 (2006) & 1 x SCC-99 (1999), up to 130Kg batch,
photos & details here, France, 59.000 euros total (can be sold separately)

item no.7042
Schröter SCC-05-SD chocolate belt coaters 3.5m wide (2006), 2 available, with 3 spraying heads,
photos here, Germany, 14.500 euros each

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