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item no.847
Bi-Mac EX10 temperer 1000Kg/hr (1995), good condition, last used 2015, photos here, Italy, 13.500 euros

item no.863
Nagema TS 14/2 1000Kg/hr chocolate tempering machine, 1988 , inverter for adjustable output, Greece, 8.500 euros.
item no.977
Mazzetti Renato TAO 1000 chocolate temperer, 2004, 1000Kg/hr, 25.000 GBP
item no.1324
Carle Montanari TAN15 screw-type tempering machine (1980’s), 1500Kg/hr, last used 5 years ago but working when removed, photos & details here, France  12.000 euros

item no.1417
Nagema TS14 temperer (1989), 1400Kg/hr, Russia, 14.000 euros “as is” or 18.000 euros reconditioned.

item no.1418
Blum & Co SK1000 temperer (1986), reconditioned, 26.000 USD
item no.1783
Aasted AMC Super Nova CTS 4500 tempering system with holding tank (2014), 4500Kg/hr, still in production, available April 2015, will be checked by Aasted before selling, technical details here, 160.000 euros.
item no.1850
Aasted AT 2000, Auto Temperer, disc type (1971) up to 2000Kg/hr, photos here, 10.500 euros.
item no.1892
Sollich ST1000 heavy duty, stainless steel chocolate temperer (1990’s), up to 1000Kg/hr, photos here, 19,950 USD
item no.2095
Kreuter Betamat 500 screw temperer (1991), 500Kg/hr, photos & details here, Alemania, 12.500 euros 

em no.2288
2 x Rasch TR 25 temperers (2012, as new), up to 2500Kg/hr, 400V/3P, 11kW, photos here, Africa, 90.000 euros each
item no.2297
Aasted Mikroverk AMK 2000 vertical temperer (2001), 2000Kg/hr, 10 plates, 400V, 50Kz, 21kW, photos here, reconditioned 43.000 USD 
item no.2298
Blum SK1000 temperer (1986), 1000Kg/hr, photos here, reconditioned, 26.000 USD
item no.2365
Blum ABK 500 batch temperer (1985), 500Kg batch, jacketed, heatable, photos here, Germany, 4500 euros
item no.2404
Baker Perkins 1000Kg tempering machine (1992), with chocolate pump, photos & details here, Canada, 14.000 USD
item no.2662
FBM Maestria temperer & moulding machine (2015), with 200Kg chocolate tank, 380V/50Hz, web-page here, photos here, UK, 29.950 GBP
item no.2701
Sollich UT280 100Kg/hr chocolate temperer (1977), photos & details here, Europe, 18.000 euros

item no.2787
Aasted DMW250 250Kg/hr temperer (1990), photos & details here, USA, 21.000 USD
item no.2943
Sollich FD100 80Kg/hr continuous temperer (overhauled), photos & details here, 17.000 euros
item no.2970
Aasted DMW3000 3000Kg/hr temperer (1989), photos & details here, USA, 24.500 USD
item no.3047
Sollich 200 FD temperer (1995), up to 180Kg/hr, photos & details here, Europe, 9.950 euros
item no.3103
Aasted AMK 1500P 1500Kg/hr temperer (1989), photos here, still running, Spain, 38.950 euros
item no.3154
Aasted DMW-1000 temperer (1989), 1000Kg/hr, needs overhaul, photos here, UK, 8.950 GBP
item no.3155
Aasted DMW-1500 temperer (1990), 1500Kg/hr, needs overhaul, photos here, UK, 9.950 GBP
item no.3205
Selmi Plus 24Kg temperer (2011), photos & details here, Turkey, 10.950 euros

item no.3238
Pomati T8 tempering machine 9Kg (2016), photos here, web-page here, Turkey, 6450 euros

item no.3422

Sollich FD100 temperer, 80Kg/hr, mobile, plate type, Freon cooling, pump, dosing device, mould vibration, photos here, Germany, 7.000 euros 

item no.3491

Memisoglu 750-1000Kg/hr chocolate temperer (2017, used 1 month), 2 available, photos & details here, Turkey, 16.500 each
item no.3516

Sollich UT280 100F Mini-temperer 80Kg/hr (reconditioned 2017), photos & details here, Germany, 16.000 euros
item no.3517
Sollich NT300N temperer (1988), 300/hr, for chocolate or nougat, photos here, Germany, 11.950 euros

item no.3606
Aasted AMK250P 250Kg/hr temperers (1996), 2 available, photos & details here, UK, 16.000 euros each
item no.3616
Nagema LTS3 300Kg/hr temperer (1985), photos & details here, Germany, 13.000 euros
item no.3636
Lloveras AAV-250 continuous temperer 250Kg/hr (2014), with de-crystalliser, pump & pipework,
photos here, Dominican Republic, 35.000 euros
item no.3700
Chocoma 70Kg temperer, water-cooled, with agitator, scraper & bottom discharge,
photos here, Portugal, 4300 euros
item no.3701
Chocoma 2T 130 temperer & kettle 170Kg (2004), heating & cooling adjustable,
photos here, Portugal, 4500 euros
item no.3723
Chocotech TP5 screw type temperer (2000) #340, up to 500Kg/hr, with new Omron temp controller,
photos here, UK, 12.000 euros
item no.3791
Nielsen AMC 250P temperer 250Kg/hr (2009), photos & details here, Bulgaria, 23.000 euros
item no.3811
Sollich FD200 temperer (1995), up to 180Kg/hr, with dripping grid, hopper & filling tube to moulds, photos here, Germany, 11.000 euros
item no.3862
Sollich UT500 temperer (1989, very good condition), 500kg/hr, photos here, Poland, 19.950 euros
item no.4023
Memak MKMT-250 temperer (2018 new with warranty), 250Kg/hr, photos & details here, Europe, 27.000 euros 

item no.4024
Sollich TC750 plate temperer (2008), 750Kg/hr, photos & details here, Europe, 29.950 euros 

item no.4025
Sollich MSV 1000 A2 plate turbo-temperer (1993), 1000Kg/hr, photos & details here, Germany, 24.000 euros 

item no.4079
Rasch TR-10 temperer 1000Kg/hr (1968 but good condition), photos here, Switzerland, 10.950 euros
item no.4092
Pomati T35 chocolate temperer (2015), 50Kg tank, photos & video here, UK, 16.000 euros
item no.4114
LCM 25ATS temperer 25Kg batch, with Freon compressor, 2kW, 230V, photos here, USA, 12.500 USD
item no.4115
Hacos Diamond 15 temperer with 180mm wide enrobing attachment (2016), with Freon compressor, 12Kg tank, 220V, 1P, photos here, USA, 21.750 USD
item no.4116
Sollich TC1200TD temperer 1200Kg/hr (2001), 480V 3P, photos here, USA, 48.000 USD
item no.4236
Rasch TP5 500Kg/hr screw-type temperer (reconditioned with guarantee), photos & details here, Germany, 28.500 euros
item no.4286
Wolf 60Kg/hr temperer, photos here, Poland, 13.000 euros
item no.4311
Lloveras AAV250 250Kg/hr temperer (2002), working but needs overhaul,
photos here, Portugal, 23.000 euros
item no.4328
Rasch TR5 screw-type temperer (1982), 500Kg/hr, photos here, Finalnd, 11.000 euros

item no.4329
Aasted AMC-1500 SN Supernova temperer (2014) 1500Kg/hr, photos & details here, Slovakia, 69.950 euros

item no.4330
Nielsen AMK-1000HD heady duty temperer (2003), was used for wafer cream, photos here, Slovakia, 35.000 euros

item no.4331
Sollich MSV-1000 1000Kg/hr temperer (reconditioned), 4 plates, photos & details here, UK, 29.000 euros

item no.4332
Sollich MSV-750 750Kg/hr temperer (reconditioned), 3 plates, photos & details here, UK, 28.000 euros

item no.4423
Aasted AMC1000P vertical flow disc-type temperer, 1000Kg/hr (2006), photos here, Poland, 47.000 euros
item no.4424
Aasted AMK-750 vertical flow disc-type temperer, 750Kg/hr temperer (1998), photos here, Poland, 29.950 euros
item no.4499
Carle Montinari TR-250 temperers, 2 available, photos here, South Africa, 19.950 USD each 
item no.4533
Selmi TOP temperers (2009 & 2012), 200Kg/hr, with vibratory conveyors for direct mould filling, 380V, 50Hz, 3P, photos here, UK, 10.500 euros each
item no.4549
BCT TM-120 temperer (2003), 120Kg, on wheels, photos & details here , UK, 15.500 euros   
item no.4550
BCT TM-120 temperer (2007), 120Kg, on wheels, photos & details here, UK, 16.500 euros
item no.4636
Nagema LTS-6 temperer up to 800Kg/hr (1976), cleaned & checked, photos & details here, Poland, 11.000 euros

item no.4637
Sollich Mini-temper Turbo TF-100 up to 80Kg/hr (1997), photos here, Poland, 9.950 euros

item no.4655
Rasch TR-5 screw temperer, overhauled, 500Kg/hr, photos & details here, Alemania, 29.950 euros 

item no.4656
Blum Tempermat TS-100 CU-F temperer (1999), up to 100Kg/hr, photos here, Alemania, 13.000 Euros

item no.4678
Aasted AMK-2000P temperer (1997), 2000Kg/hr, with pre-tempering, photos & details here, Denmark, 29.950 euros

item no.4683
Gami T400E temperer (2006), with 240mm wide enrobing attachment, photos & details here, USA, 15.000 USD 
item no.4728
Sollich MST-1000 disc tempering machine (1979 but completely reconditioned), 1000Kg/hr, photos & detail here, Germany, 45.000 euros 

item no.4890
Sollich TT-400HD Turbo Temperer 400Kg/hr (2010), photos & details here, UK, 32.000 euros 

item no.4891
Loynds 500Kg per hour tempering machine (ex-demo), automatic, multi-zone, photos & details here, UK, 34.000 euros

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