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item no.1161
Carle & Montanari MDH 400, 3 roll refiner, 1000mm, with disc type pin-mill, photos here, 18.000 USD
item no.1355
Carle Montanari VSN Hydrostaitic 1000mm working width, 5-roll chocolate refiner, cylinders in good condition, no rectification needed, video here, photos and info here, located Central America, 17.950 USD.

item no.1471
Nagema 912/2 1000mm 5 roll refiner, Poland, photo here, 9.950 euros

item no.1662
K & Kurt Makina KK2R900M 2-roll pre-refiner for chocolate (2005) photos and details here, Malaysia, 43.000 USD

item no.1672
Nagema 912/2 1000mm 5 roll chocolate refiner (1992), rollers in good condition, photos & details here, 39.950 USD

item no.1703
Nagema 912/3.2 1300mm 5 roll refiner (1976), was used for praline masses so rollers in good condition, no hopper or motor, photos here, Italy, 29.950 euros
item no.1704
Kustner 700mm 3-roll refiner, manual & mechanical tightening, water-cooled cylinders, 220-380V/50Hz, 7,5kW, 1410/141 rpm, direct gearbox driven, photos here, France, 32.000 euros

item no.1705
Cavalleri Rino 600mm 3-roll refiner, hydraulic tightening, water-cooled cylinders, 220-380V/50Hz, 15kW, 1500/750 rpm, ATEX motor, mechanical gearbox, stainless steel feed hopper, photos here, France, 47.000 euros

item no.1734
Buhler SFLN 1300mm 5-roll refiner, 59.950 euros “as is”, or can be offered fully refurbished like in these photos for 175.000 euros

item no.1894
Buhler PM1 pre-refiner, 5 rolls, photos here, 12.500 euros

item no.1908
Bühler SDV1200 3-roll refiner working width 1200mm (1969), with feed hopper, hydraulic adjustment, scraper, level sensor, 2600 x 1500mm, photos here, 14.000 euros
item no.2074
2 x Lehmann WD13E 1300mm wide 3-roll refiners (1990), 1 still running, the other in storage, 400V/50Hz, photos here, Germany, 48.000 euros each

item no.2075
Asra laboratory 3 roll chocolate refiner, adjustable from 0-1mm, cylinders 245 x 8mm, hard plastic, photos here, Germany, 3.000 euros
item no.2388
Nagema 912-3 5-roll refiner 1250mm working width (1990), only used for cream, so cylinders in good condition, photos here, France, 25.000 euros

item no.2403
Carle Montanari Hydrostatic B1300 5-roll refiner 1300mm, ex-Cadbury,
photos & details here, Poland, 31.000 euros 

item no.2421
Lehmann WFZ 1000mm 5-roll refiner, photos here, France, 27.500 euros

item no.2451
Nagema 912-2 1000mm 5 roll refiner (1991), 220V 50Hz still running, photos & video here, Turkey, 45.000 euros

item no.2532
Nagema 5-roll refiner, 1250mm working width (1985), with 3 unused rolls, photos here, Azerbaijan, 39.950 USD

item no.2584
2 x Buhler SFG-c 1000mm 5 roll refiners (year unknown), complete, rollers not rectified but good condition, photos here, Europe, 45.000 euros each
item no.2586
Nagema 912/3 1250mm 5-roll refiner (1980), photos & details here:, Europe, 23.000 euros

item no.2770
Lehmann 912AC, 1000mm wide, 5-roll refiner, not used for 10 years, serial 2642, photos here, USA
item no.2804
2 x Carle Montanari Hydrostatic 1300 hydraulic 5 roll refiners, working width 1300mm, photos here, Europe, 23.000 euros each

item no.2805
Carle Montanari Hydrostatic 1300 B 5 roll refiner, working width 1300mm, photos here, Europe, 42.000 euros

item no.2844
Kreuziger S960-U 3-roll refiner 900mm working width, for reworking wafer, 500Kg/hr, 40kW, photos here, Croatia, 21.500 euros

item no.2939
Buhler SFG1300 5-roll refiner 1300mm wide, with feed hopper, photos here, Germany, 22.000 euros

item no.2940
Thouet Lehmann 5-roll refiner 1000mm wide, some rollers need replacing, with reconditioned hydraulics, photos here, Germany, 17.000 euros
item no.3153
Buhler SDA3 3-roll refiner, 500mm working width, photos & details here, Germany, 19.950 euros

item no.3183
Nagema 3 roll refiner 1000mm working width, hydraulic, photos & details here, will be refurbished, 19.950 USD

item no.3248
Nagema chocolate mass production plant (1988-89), up to 1200Kg/hr, still running, photos & details here, Poland, 105.000 euros

item no.3250
Buhler SDA-700 3 roll refiner 700mm working width (1968), photos here, Madagascar, 24.500 euros

item no.3290
Petzholdt Heidenauer 813-1 3-roll refiner 800mm wide, photos & details here, Germany, 23.000 euros

item no.3407

Carle Montanari HC-518M 1800mm wide 5 roll refiner (1992), photos & details here, Spain, 99.950 euros

item no.3551
Heidenauer 813-1.2 800mm wide 3-roll refiner (fully overhauled 2009), photos & details here, Slovakia, 21.500 euros

item no.3573
Carle Montanari 1000mm wide, hydraulic 5-roll refiner, photos here, 27.500 USD

item no.3971
Buhler SDW-800 3 roll refiner (2008), photos & details here, France, 49.950 euros 

item no.4021
Vögele PW3408 3-roll refiner 1000mm wide, 400mm diameter, mechanical gap set, photos here, Europe, 6950 euros

item no.4284
Carle Montanari Hydrostat 1300mm wide 5-roll refiner (year unknown), good condition,
photos here, Israel, 19.950 euros

item no.4369
Carle Montanari Hydrostatic B1300 1300mm wide 5-roll refiner (1976), perfect condition,
photos & details here, Spain, 29.950 euros

item no.4398
Carle Montanari 1000mm wide 5-roll refiner (late 70’s, early 80’s),
photos here, Serbia, 21.950 euros

item no.4498
Carle Montanari & Buhler 5-roll chocolate refiners, 3 available, photos & details here, still running until end 2019, Canada

item no.4513
Johann Kreuziger S320H 300mm wide 3-roll refiner, 150mm diameter water jacketed rollers, serial #18295, 3HP, 3 phase, 220V, 60Hz, variable speed, photos here, Canada,  17.500 USD

item no.4531
Buhler SFL1800 5-roll refiner, still running in production, photos here, Malaysia, 99.950 euros

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