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item no.1227
Eiskonfekt (ice-chocolate) moulding line, photos & details here, Czech Republic, 16.500 euros
item no.1325
Carle & Montanari Cavemil 275 moulding line, photos & details here, France, 24.000 euros 

item no.1326
Loesch chocolate moulding line, for all kinds of plain chocolate with ingredients, hydraulic drive chocolate depositor (tongue depositor), 1970’s but fully rebuilt in 1990, mechanically in good condition, needs some wooden panels replacing and general overhaul , with cooling compressor, 7 sets of moulds, already dismantled, France, 12.000 euros.

item no.1628

Collmann Hydo 24 chocolate depositor & crème depositor 450mm wide (2001) 25/min, with hydraulic unit, photos & details here, Germany, 26.500 euros 
item no.1748
Selmi Caricatore Stampi, for loading, filling, vibrating and levelling polycarbonate moulds for bars etc, used only 1 year, as new, website herephotos here, Belgium, 12.000 euros

item no.1838
Golden Eagle chocolate bar moulding line for solid bars and inclusions eg. puffed rice, chopped dried fruits, praline etc, (2010), 1500-3000/hr, set for 185 x 95mm bars, photos & details here, Spain, 285.000 euros

item no.2064
Bindler GK8 chocolate moulding machine (1984), 1 depositor + 2 volumetric inclusions dosers (nuts etc), 300 moulds: 860 x 280mm, 5 moulds/min, photos here, USD 198.000
item no.2261
Sima 50 chocolate moulding line (1985) with one moulding head for solid products and for dried fruits, includes cooler and automatic demoulding, photos here, 59.950 euros
item no.2362
Hoppe 340 Dressomat depositor, photos & details here, Germany, 9.900 euros
item no.2498
NID 33” (800mm) wide chocolate depositor, needs overhaul and die, photos & details here, USA, 28.000 USD  
item no.2747
Complete napolitan chocolate moulding and wrapping line (mid-90’s), photos, video & details here, Poland, 149.950 euros
item no.2900
Nagema 850 chocolate moulding line (1979-2002 but upgraded in 2008), with 2 depositors, photos & details here, 192.000 euros

item no.3109
Illig FS32 jelly & chocolate depositing into thermoformed top sealed trays (1986), with cooker & Makat depositor, photos & details here, Egypt, 54.000 euros
item no.3185
Egan Food Technologies chocolate depositor (2013), for bars & chips, 275 x 175mm, photos & details here, USA, 25.000 USD

item no.3493
Selmi mould loader (2012), photos & details here, Turkey, 11.000 euros

item no.3607
Cemichoc 4 x 1 automatic chocolate moulding line for 275 x 175mm moulds (2012), with Lloveras temperer & tank, photos & details here, still running, Dominican Republic, 64.000 euros

item no.3664
Carle Montanari 275 x 175 chocolate moulding line (1995), video here, with 3 depositors, 3 vertical cooling tunnels, heaters, vibratos & de-moulders, Egypt, 160.000 euros

item no.3900
Carle Montanari 275 chocolate moulding line (1958), with depositor for 30g tablets & Hacos depositor (2011) for 70g tablets, photos & videos here, still running, Belgium, please make offer.

item no.3901
Carle Montanari 275 chocolate moulding line (1965), with depositor for 5g & 10g napolitans, photos & videos here, still running, Belgium, please make offer

item no.4080
Complete Selmi depositing, enrobing and chocolate panning line (2011-2015), photos & details here, USA, 87.000 USD

item no.4356
Knobel CA9 chocolate depositor (1986 but fully overhauled), photos & details here, Germany, 19.950 euros 

item no.4517
Otto Kremling OKA Okamatic depositors (2009), 2 available, were used for filling chocolate eggs, photos, videos & details here, Slovakia, 39.950 euros each

item no.4551
Metra depositor with inbuilt temperer, photos here, 15.000 USD

item no.4660
Knobel CA-9 chocolate depositor (early 90’s), photos & details here, Germany, 19.950 euros 

item no.4897
Chocolate World CW24 tempering, moulding and enrobing line (2018), 90Kg/hr, 200mm wide enrober, 2 dosing plates, photos & details here, UK, 16.000 euros

item no.5080
Knobel KCM Alpha X-9-36 depositor (2012), 1 hopper, 9 pistons, photos here, Germany, 59.950 euros 

item no.5081
Knobel KCM Alpha X-NI-9-18-45 depositor (2012), 2 hoppers, 2 x 9 pistons, photos here, Germany, 125.000 euros

item no.5360
Carle Montanari Cavemil Crème chocolate moulding line for solid bars (1975 approx), 800Kg/hr, for 275 x 175mm moulds, with mould heater, manual infeed for chocolate lollipop moulding, MLS 275 & MLP 275 depositors, vibrator, cooler & compressor,
photos here, Greece, 43.000 euros 

item no.5458
Hacos Samm Fill pump-type chocolate depositor for solid chocolates (2008), for moulds up to 275 x 205mm, with 24-nozzle plate, requires electrical work,
photos here, UK, 19.500 euros

item no.5543
Winkler & Dünnebier chocolate moulding line 1000Kg/hr (1992), moulds 750 x 230mm, line 22m long, 3 x mould sets & mould plates, Safeline metal detector, chocolate stirrers, pumps, already professionally dismantled,
photos here, Germany, 399.950 euros

item no.5729
Carle Montanari Multi-Cavemil 650 complete line for napolitans etc (1980’s), up to 60.000 napolitanos/hr, complete with tanks, inclusion system, 7 mould sets, 2 x SIG SR flowpacks, Ishida/Rowema stand-up pouch packer, videojets, case-packing, photos, videos & details here, France, 530.000 euros  

item no.5743
Selmi chocolate moulding line (2019), up to 6 moulds/min, for 275 x 175mm moulds, with tank, mould loader, temperer, depositing head, cooling tunnel & demoulder,
photos & details here, UK, 89.950 euros
item no.6169
Nielsen M680 chocolate moulding line for solid bars (1998), up to 1000Kg/hr, good for small inclusions (nuts etc), still running, photos & details here, Europe, 299.950 USD

item no.6194
Chengdu chocolate bar moulding line (2021), 10 moulds/min, with 2 sets of moulds 610 x 225mm, 2 x 1-shot depositors with cooling tunnels, Sollich Turbo Temperer & tanks,
photos & details here, Netherlands, 150.000 euros

item no.6493
Selmi Top EX stainless steel tempering & depositing machine (2018), 60kg capacity, removable screw pump, 2 x depositing plates, vibration unit, Freon compressor, photos & details here, USA, 25.000 USD

item no.6495
Hacos RDM Tandem chocolate depositor (2017), up to 10 moulds/min, 2 depositing heads for 2-layer fillings, mould sizes 275 x 135mm, 275 x 175mm or 275 x 205mm, touch screen PLC controls, 1 x 230V, 50Hz, 16A, photos & details here, Netherlands, 59.950 euros

item no.6510

WDS Ecodepositing line for chocolate & jelly (2017, unused), 500Kg/hr 7-8g, with Sollich Chocotech Carastar 180 kitchen, WDS depositor, coating drum, Theegarten flowpack wrapper, photos & details here, India, 1.35 million USD

item no.6864

Delver 3-layer chocolate mint moulding plant, with 3 sets depositors & cooling tunnels, guillotine cutter set for 45 x 35mm pieces,
photos & details here, USA, 32.950 USD
item no.6896

Carle Montanari moulding line for solid chocolates with or without inclusions (1993), for 275 x 300mm moulds, up to 14 moulds/min, up to 240Kg/hr, with 1-shot depositing head (2005), mould sets for 80-100g bars, 45-50g bars, chocolate bears, chocolate frogs,
photos, videos & details here, Australia, 99.950 euros
item no.6897

Fully automated “Chocolate Ice-Cups” production line (1996), with machine to place paper cups in moulds, Knobel chocolate depositor & decorator/depositor for toppings, cooling, pick & place for packing in plastic trays, flowpacking & cartonning,
photos & details here, Netherlands, 155.000 euros
item no.6942

Carle Montanari OPM Nanoflex 275-205 chocolate moulding line (2016), 15 moulds/min, up to 700Kg/hr, with inclusions feeder, 2 chocolate tanks & pumps,
photos, video & details here, USA, 315.000 USD
item no.6996

Selmi semi-automatic moulding line (2022, new, unused), up to 300 moulds/hr, for 275 x 125mm moulds, with tanks, pumps, mould loader, temperer/depositor, spiral cooler & de-moulder,
photos & details here, Canada, 175.000 USD

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