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item no.2066
Mazzetti Renato 275 Crem shell moulding line (1993) for filled chocolates o solid chocolates with split moulds (eggs, hollow figures), 3 depositors, shell, fill and close, 820 moulds 275 x 205mm, 12-14 moulds/min, photos here, USD 165.000

item no.2068
Whetstone 135 mini-moldeadora de chocolate tipo shell, con  3 x juegos de moldes de 275 x 135mm, fotos & datos aquí, USA, 21.500 USD (2068) 
item no.2850
Hoppe MH275 shell moulding line, for 275 x 135mm (no year but “as new”), photos & details here, 65.000 USD
item no.3036
Carle Montanari Cavemill Creme 600 shell moulding line for pralines with 3 depositing heads, still running, photos here, Poland, 150.000 euros

item no.4742
Westbrook & Wood mini-eggs moulding line (2001), for 7.5g eggs, photos & details here, Australia, 99.950 USD

item no.5078
Aasted FCT laboratory frozen cone depositor, shell-moulder for cold-pressing chocolate, photos here, UK, 24.000 euros

item no.5361
Carle Montanari Cavemil Crème shell & book moulding line (1975 approx), with mould heaters, cleaners, 3 depositor, vibrators, coolers & compressor,
photos & details here, Greece, 65.000 euros 
item no.5399
Hacos HML-480 semi-automatic moulding line for pralines (1995), up to 480 moulds/hr, with temperer & shell-moulding flipping station, for moulds 275 x 135mm, 
photos here, 13.000 euros

item no.5719
Westal 600 one-shot moulding line for mini-eggs (1980 approx, reconditioned 2009), set for book-moulding, for 7g, 13g & 30g solid/filled eggs @ up to 250Kg/hr, photos & details here, UK, 75.000 euros
item no.5757
Carle & Montanari MLR shell moulding line (1998, fully upgraded with servo motors& controls), 250Kg/hr, for 275 x 205mm moulds, photos, videos & details here, UK, 175.000 euros
item no.5812
Carle Montanari Cavemil Creme 600 for bars & pralines (1975-1980), complete with temperers, several sets of moulds, SIG bar wrapping in flowpack & carton, praline weighing & bagging,
photos & details here, France, 325.000 Euros

item no.6135
Yasa Makina YS-R 1300 one-shot & shell moulding line (2015), up to 750Kg/hr, good for Kit Kat, solid & filled bars & pralines, complete line from tempering to flowpacking, with cream, nut, fruit, wafer depositing,
photos & details here, Romania, 425.000 Euros

item no.6571
Aasted RP-2 praline shell moulding line (1996-2006), 15 moulds/min, 1 large depositor with cold stamp, solid/liquid filling depositors + bottom depositor, mould sets included, photos here, Poland, 365.000 euros

item no.7096

Hacos SAMM-3 shell moulding line for dome-shape bonbons (1999 but overhauled 2017), for 275 x 205 x 30mm moulds, 1,200Kg/shift, with  depositor for white chocolate, depositor for milk chocolate, centre fill depositor, base depositor, cooling & de-moulding, full mould set include for dome-shape,
photos here, Europe, 140.000 euros

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