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item no.709
Ormaksan 1-shot chocolate moulding line (2003), photos & details here, Turkey, 115.000 USD  
item no.1747
Westall one-shot moulding machine (1996), standard 8 x 3 moulding plates, with mould carriers for normal moulds, 135 x 275mm moulds, with complete refrigeration unit, photos here, UK, 27.500 GBP

item no.2567
APT 1-shot chocolate moulding line for 275 x 135mm, photos, video & details here, USA, 29.950 USD
item no.2684
Lloveras Sima N-045 one shot depositing line & Sire N-045 enrobing line all in one (2007), photos & details here, Malaysia, 145.000 euros

item no.3895
Low & Duff MacIntyre 300 1-shot moulding line (1998), photos & details here, 95.000 USD

item no.3933
Awema UDM-202 1-shot depositor (1997 fully overhauled 2018), photos & details here, Russia, 32.950 euros

item no.4222
1-shot chocolate depositor for filled & solid chocolates, for 275 x 175mm trays, photos, video & details here, UK, 29.500 euros

item no.4410
Macintyre MP-600 one-shot depositing line (1990), for 420 x 120mm moulds,
photos & details here, Russia, 109.950 euros

item no.4552
Westal 1-shot depositor for 600 x 225mm moulds, photos here, Greece, 9.950 euros

item no.4679
Hacos MDS Twin 1D 60 one-shot chocolate depositor (1999), photos & details here, Belgium, 16.000 euros

item no.5109
Knobel CCM-36 Boxer CAD one-shot depositor (1999), 36/72 x 18mm diameter pistons, 400V, 50Hz, 3P, photos here, UK, 62.000 euros 

item no.5110
Mikroverk one-shot line for pralines (1982) with temperer, 14 sets of moulds, photos & details here, USA, 130.000 USD

item no.5308
Nantong Twinkle 51 one-shot chocolate moulding line (2014), 175Kg/hr, with mould set for 100g bars, 10 moulds/min, moulds 280 x 200 x 30mm, with mould loader & de-moulder,
photos & details here, Macedonia, 49.950 euros
item no.5398
Awema Mini-101 one-shot depositor for Manon pralines (2003), with 2 depositing plates, Woody stringer 450mm wide (2005), Nielsen 400mm x 11m cooling tunnel (2004), Nielsen 400mm x 7.5m cooling tunnel, running until 04/21, 
photos here, Belgium, 65.000 euros

item no.5431
Awema UDM-202 one-shot depositor #202-51312-015 (1996), mould 410 x 230mm, with several mould sets included,
photos, video & details here, Canada, 42.000 euros

item no.5550
Westal SCB300-18 one-shot moulding line (1980’s), for 300 x 225mm moulds, 3 mould sets: 1) 250 x 150mm, 1Kg tablets, 2) 25 x 25 x 15mm pralines & 3) 42 x 20 x 20mm,
photos here, UK, 39.950 euros

item no.5680
Pomati OSD-5 one-shot depositor (2016), up to 222 moulds/hr, for 275 x 175mm moulds, 2 x 5 nozzle plate,
photos here, Europe, 27.500 euros 

item no.5702
Awema UDM-202 one-shot depositor (2005), up to 40 moulds/min, for 275 x 175mm moulds, with nozzle plate, 415V/50Hz,
photos here, Malaysia, 92.000 euros

item no.5719

Westal 600 one-shot moulding line for mini-eggs (1980 approx, reconditioned 2009), set for book-moulding, for 7g, 13g & 30g solid/filled eggs @ up to 250Kg/hr, photos & details here, UK, 75.000 euros

item no.5813
KU&QI one-shot moulding line (2013), up to 250Kg/hr, semi-automatic, moulds: 300 x 325 x 30mm, for 80-100g filled chocolate bars & 10g pralines, with vibrating, cooling & de-moulding,
photos & video here, Europe, 85.000 euros 

item no.5814
KU&QI one-shot moulding line (2014), up to 200Kg/hr, semi-automatic, moulds: 300 x 325 x 30mm, for 80-100g filled chocolate bars, with vibrating, cooling & de-moulding,
photos here, Europe, 65.000 euros 

item no.6116

Yasa Makina YSFDT-1200 one-shot chocolate moulding line (2006), 275Kg/hr, with moulds, cooling tunnel & wrapping machines, photos & details here, Turkey, 165.000 euros
item no.6192
Complete line for assorted marzipan & one-shot chocolates (1994-2004), with planetary mixers, Kruger Salecker MFT-0800 marzipan former, 2 x Knobel 1-shot depositors, 2 x cooling tunnels & 2 x Sollich enrobers,
photos & details here, Belgium, 105.000 euros

item no.6297
Low & Duff Macintyre 1-shot chocolate moulding line (1990´s), mould size 470 x 200 x 30mm, with mould sets for 200/300g & 75/100g bars,
photos & details here, UK, 31.000 euros loaded into containers

item no.6314

KUQI 1-shot chocolate moulding line (2004), up to 250Kg/hr, with set of moulds for 100g bars & set of moulds for 10g pralines, with vibrating conveyor, cooling tunnel & de-moulding,
photos & video here, North Macedonia, 35.000 euros

item no.6606

Low & Duff MP-300 1-shot chocolate moulding line (2004), 300mm wide moulds, 3 depositing plates, good for inclusions up to 8mm, 2 sets of moulds, 60 x 8mm pieces, requires new software,
photos & details here, South Africa, 83.000 USD

item no.6630

Pomati OSD-Zero 1-shot depositor (2021), 40mm nozzle centres, 1 x 4 plate, 120 moulds/hr,
photos here, 23.000 euros
item no.6661

Knobel KCM 9-18-35 Alpha Compact 1-Shot depositor (2020, only used for testing), for 275 x 175mm moulds, with  VT-1000 vibration table,
photos & details here, USA, 105.000 USD 
item no.6671

Aasted 1-shot moulding machine (2004), 10/min, for 275 x 175mm moulds,
with mould stacker& feeder, shaker, Delta control panel, servo-motor, photos & details here, 42.000 USD

item no.6672
Low & Duff Macintyre 1-shot moulding line, 10 moulds/min, 200 x 470mm moulds, good for solid products, centre-filled products, layered products, products with inclusions, photos & details here, 65.000 USD
item no.6725
American Machine & Design 300mm 1-shot moulding plant (2005), up to 15/min, with 2 depositors, 310 x moulds @ 300 x 205mm, photos & details here, USA, 59.950 USD

item no.6773
Selmi Tuttuno 4 1-shot moulding line (2019, new unused), up to 90/hr, with temperer, mould loader, cooling tower, for 275 x 175mm moulds,
photos & details here, USA, 109.950 USD

6845 Knobel KCM Compact 9/18-35 1-shot depositor

item no.6845
Knobel KCM Compact 9/18-35 1-shot depositor (2008) with vibration belt, new Brunner polycarbonate 295 x 380 x 35mm moulds 2 x 9 array, fo
r 110 x 26 x 18mm bar & new LST Chocolate Machinery vertical mould cooler for 322 moulds, photos & details here, USA, 98.000 USD
item no.7060

Winkler Dünnebier Confec ECO-A-570 1-shot chocolate & jelly depositing line (2017 but new, unused), up to 600Kg/hr, with cooker, 425 x 275mm moulds (385), photos here, 1.35 million euros 

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