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item no.4596
Aasted Mikroverk Midi C425 frozen cone chocolate bar & praline moulding line (1998 but first used 2003), up to 380Kg/hr, with/without inclusions, 4 sets of moulds for bars, 2 for pralines, size 425x275x40mm, photos & details here, Poland, 325.000 euros
item no.4758
Aasted Mikroverk MINI-275 Frozen Cone line (1996), moulds 275x205mm, 10 moulds/min, 28/56 chocolates/mould, was used for pralinés, photos & details here, Poland,
210.000 euros
item no.5078
Aasted FCT laboratory frozen cone depositor, shell-moulder for cold-pressing chocolate, photos here, UK, 24.000 euros

item no.6494
Aasted Mikroverk MIDI-425 frozen cone, inverted mould line (1997 approx), 425 x 275 x 25mm moulds, 692 moulds, 20 moulds/min, inclusions up to 4mm, with tank & Nagema LTS-9 temperer, still running in production, photos & details here, Poland, 399.950 euros

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