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item no.448
Koch KBS 30-40 KF 1988 lollipop machine, excellent working condition and can be inspected working in the factory. 20-25 pcs per min. Makes 12 packs per minute (1 set of 3 lollipops or 2 lollipops and 1 small toy). Cooling tunnel included. Cooling tunnel comes in 3 parts, machine in 1 or 2 parts. Total length 15m. Price € 39.000 ex works. 
item no.709
Ormaksan 1-shot chocolate moulding line (2003), photos & details here, Turkey, 130.000 USD
item no.733
Carle Montanari Cavemil Crème 275 moulding line, still running in Greece, 1958, in perfect condition with a lot of upgrades, aeration from Tanis, Cavanna wrapper, Schubert product packer, display erector, OTEM case packaging machine, 30 forms/min, Mould footprint: 275x175 mm, Tempering is excluded, new coolers (2005+)
item no.1227
Eiskonfekt (ice-chocolate) moulding line, photos & details here, Czech Republic, 16.500 euros

item no.1325
Carle & Montanari Cavemil 275 moulding line, photos & details here, France, 24.000 euros 

item no.1326
Loesch chocolate moulding line, for all kinds of plain chocolate with ingredients, hydraulic drive chocolate depositor (tongue depositor), 1970’s but fully rebuilt in 1990, mechanically in good condition, needs some wooden panels replacing and general overhaul , with cooling compressor, 7 sets of moulds, already dismantled, France, 12.000 euros.

item no.1462
Nielsen Mini-45 chocolate moulding line (1996), for solid products & chocolates with small ingredients/inclusions, photos, video & details here, Poland, 107.000 euros 

item no.1469
LPC-ED chocolate moulding line (1994), semi-automatic, with 2 depositing heads, 25m cooling tunnel with 2 x  Maneurop MT50HK compressors, moulds for 100g & 150g (300/set), photos & video here, Poland, 14.000 euros

item no.1595
3 x Loesch chocolate moulding line for 100g bars and 18 x pralines, (2006), photos and details here, 99.950 euros + dismantling each line
item no.1596
Mazzetti Renato MA Series 450mm wide chocolate lentil line (2000), with tempering machine, chocolate tank, cooling tunnel, 3 sets of forming rollers (almonds, hearts and lentils), Italy, photos and details here, 130.000 euros
item no.1619
Complete chocolate vermicelli plant, 500Kg/hr, photos here, details here, 390.000 euros
item no.1620
Complete chocolate flakes plant (1996), 500Kg/hr, photos and details here, 380.000 euros

item no.1628

Collmann Hydo 24 chocolate depositor  450mm wide (2001) 25/min, photos & details here, 15.500 euros  

item no.1661
Procitech Chococup frozen cone cup forming machine (2011), 320mm working width, 6-across, Holland, photos & details here, 54.000 euros.
item no.1748
Selmi Caricatore Stampi, for loading, filling, vibrating and levelling polycarbonate moulds for bars etc, used only 1 year, as new, website herephotos here, Belgium, 12.000 euros

item no.1838
Golden Eagle chocolate bar moulding line for solid bars and inclusions eg. puffed rice, chopped dried fruits, praline etc, (2010), 1500-3000/hr, set for 185 x 95mm bars, photos & details here, Spain, 285.000 euros

item no.2064
Bindler GK8 chocolate moulding machine (1984), 1 depositor + 2 volumetric inclusions dosers (nuts etc), 300 moulds: 860 x 280mm, 5 moulds/min, photos here, USD 198.000

item no.2065
Sollich KGM-800 triple nut praline production line (1994), includes: 2 x 16 nozzle chocolate spot depositor,  Sollich ND-800 nut depositor (3 hazelnuts), cooling conveyor, Sollich EMN0820 enrober (1987), Sollich MSV-600 temperer (1988), 1000 Litre tank, 30m cooling tunnel, photos here, Sweden, 190.000 euros

item no.2066
Mazzetti Renato 275 Crem shell moulding line (1993) for filled chocolates o solid chocolates with split moulds (eggs, hollow figures), 3 depositors, shell, fill and close, 820 moulds 275 x 205mm, 12-14 moulds/min, photos here, USD 165.000

item no.2067
Jensen Mikroverk F670 (1985), for solid chocolates and bars, 300 moulds 670 x 355mm, 5 moulds/min, photos here, USD 142.000

item no.2068
Whetstone 135 mini-moldeadora de chocolate tipo shell, con  3 x juegos de moldes de 275 x 135mm, fotos & datos aquí, USA, 21.500 USD (2068)

item no.2096
Wolf 600F nut cluster machine 600mm working width, 1 nozzle, needs overhaul, photos here, 8.500 euros
item no.2261
Sima 50 chocolate moulding line (1985) with one moulding head for solid products and for dried fruits, includes cooler and automatic demoulding, photos here, 59.950 euros
item no.2362
Hoppe 340 Dressomat chocolate bar and bombon praline line, photos & details here, Germany, 9.900 euros
item no.2363
Bindler shell chocolate moulding line (1979) for moulds 540 x 345mm, photos & details here, was running until end of 2015, Germany, 249.950 euros
item no.2498
NID 33” (800mm) wide chocolate depositor, needs overhaul and die, photos & details here, USA, 28.000 USD  
item no.2499
APV Baker 205-300 Micro Mould Plant & Depositor 1-shot chocolate moulding line (early 90’s), with double twist wrapper, photos & details here, Canada, 235.000 USD
item no.2515
Complete Betec neopolitan chocolate & bar line (2008), for 5-200g, photos & details, Belgium, 149.950 euros

item no.2567
APT 1-shot chocolate moulding line for 275 x 135mm, photos, video & details here, USA, 29.950 USD

item no.2617
Low & Duff Macintyre chocolate moulding line (1990’s but upgraded in 2012), moulds 300 x 275mm, still running, photos & details here, UK, 39.950 GBP
item no.2637
Makat Sollich chocolate truffle line 820mm (1982), photos & details here, France, 120.000 euros
item no.2662
FBM Maestria temperer & moulding machine (2015), with 200Kg chocolate tank, 380V/50Hz, web-page here, photos here, UK, 29.950 GBP
item no.2674
Chocolate praline line with Werner Lehara wire-cut & Whetstone enrobing line, photos & details here, USA, 39.950 USD
item no.2684
Lloveras Sima N-045 one shot depositing line & Sire N-045 enrobing line all in one (2007), photos & details here, Malaysia, 145.000 euros (2684)

item no.2703
Sollich 600mm wide complete praline production line (2008-9, but as new), photos & details here, Germany, 870.000 euros
item no.2747
Complete napolitan chocolate moulding and wrapping line (mid-90’s), photos, video & details here, Poland, 149.950 euros
item no.2821
Moldot 100 1-shot depositor (1990), for 275 x 135/175mm, photos here, Belgium 15.000 euros
item no.2822
Hacos JD12 chocolate depositor (1980’s), for 275 x 135mm, photos & details here, Ireland, 8500 euros
item no.2850
Hoppe MH275 shell moulding line, for 275 x 135mm (no year but “as new”), photos & details here, 65.000 USD
item no.2900
Nagema 850 chocolate moulding line (1979-2002 but upgraded in 2008), with 2 depositors, photos & details here, 192.000 euros
item no.3025
2 x Collman 6-head piston chocolate depositors with electrically heated, jacketed mixing bowl, photos here, Australia, 6.000 euros each
item no.3036
Carle Montanari Cavemill Creme 600 shell moulding line for pralines with 3 depositing heads, still running, photos here, Poland, 150.000 euros

item no.3109
Illig FS32 jelly & chocolate depositing into thermoformed top sealed trays (1986), with cooker & Makat depositor, photos & details here, Egypt, 54.000 euros

item no.3156
Knobel CCM04-13-14 600mm wide chocolate depositor (2004), photos here, Belgium, 84.000 euros

item no.3182
Complete chocolate factory (2012-2014), 800Kg/hr, ball mills to bagging, photos & details here, running until April 2017, Turkey, 420.000 euros
item no.3185
Egan Food Technologies chocolate depositor (2013), for bars & chips, 275 x 175mm, photos & details here, USA, 25.000 USD

item no.3493
Selmi mould loader (2012), photos & details here, Turkey, 11.000 euros

item no.3575
Low & Duff 1-shot moulding line (1995), photos & detail here, UK, 73.000 Euros

item no.3607
Cemichoc 4 x 1 automatic chocolate moulding line for 275 x 175mm moulds (2012), with Lloveras temperer & tank, photos & details here, still running, Dominican Republic, 64.000 euros

item no.3664
Carle Montanari 275 x 175 chocolate moulding line (1995), video here, with 3 depositors, 3 vertical cooling tunnels, heaters, vibratos & de-moulders, Egypt, 160.000 euros
item no.3702
Lloveras PG400 vermicelli line 400mm/18’’ diameter (1998 but never used), with 32’ cooling tunnel,
photos & details here, USA, 43.000 USD
item no.3824
Memak MKCD-F-450 1-shot moulding plant (2015), for wide variety of chocolate products, photos & details here, Saudia Arabia, 65.000 euros

item no.3895
Low & Duff MacIntyre 300 1-shot moulding line (1998), photos & details here, 95.000 USD

item no.3900
Carle Montanari 275 chocolate moulding line (1958), with depositor for 30g tablets & Hacos depositor (2011) for 70g tablets, photos & videos here, still running, Belgium, please make offer.

item no.3901
Carle Montanari 275 chocolate moulding line (1965), with depositor for 5g & 10g napolitans, photos & videos here, still running, Belgium, please make offer

item no.3933
Awema UDM-202 1-shot depositor (1997 fully overhauled 2018), photos & details here, Russia, 32.950 euros

item no.3949
Aasted SE 13-1200 depositor 1200mm wide (2011, as new), photos & details here, Europe, 130.000 euros

item no.3972
Hacos STIMM 3-stage shell moulding line for all kinds of solid and hollow products (1995), with book mould option, 850K/hr, photos, video & details here, Belgium, 315.000 euros

item no.3986
Selmi 275 moulding line with shell moulding option (2015), photos & details here, Belgium, 29.950 euros

item no.4080
Complete Selmi depositing, enrobing and chocolate panning line (2011-2015), photos & details here, USA, 87.000 USD

item no.4163
Hacos RDM175 chocolate depositor for 275 x 175mm moulds (1999), photos & details here, France, 14.000 euros

item no.4181
Nielsen M30 1-shot moulding line (1992 but reconditioned in 2016), photos, video & details here, Poland, 87.000 euros 

item no.4222
1-shot chocolate depositor for filled & solid chocolates, for 275 x 175mm trays, photos, video & details here, UK, 29.500 euros

item no.4356
Knobel CA9 chocolate depositor (1986 but fully overhauled), photos & details here, Germany, 19.950 euros 

item no.4359
Knobel one-shot depositing line (1997), including 405 x 425mm mould set,
photos & details here, Russia, 145.000 euros 

item no.4410
Macintyre MP-600 one-shot depositing line (1990), for 420 x 120mm moulds,
photos & details here, Russia, 109.950 euros

item no.4441
Knobel CCM CAD-12X depositor (1996), 12 x 30mm diameter pistons, hydraulic, 3 x 400V, 16A, PLC runs from PC monitor, photos here, Belgium, 13.500 euros 

item no.4442
Knobel CCM36-CAD21 depositor & decorator (2004), 36 x 6mm diameter pistons, 3 x 400V, photos here, Belgium, 16.000 euros

item no.4516
Bindler HA620K automatic moulding line for bars, pralines & eggs, (1989 but in excellent condition), 1500Kg/hr, photos, videos & details here, Germany, 385.000 euros

item no.4517
Otto Kremling OKA Okamatic depositors (2009), 2 available, were used for filling chocolate eggs, photos, videos & details here, Slovakia, 39.950 euros each

item no.4534
Hacos HML240S semi-automatic shell-moulding line (2015), photos & details here, UK, 16.000 euros

item no.4551
Metra depositor with inbuilt temperer, photos here, 15.000 USD

item no.4552
Westal 1-shot depositor for 600 x 225mm moulds, photos here, Greece, 9.950 euros

item no.4562
Winkler & Dunnebier chocolate bar moulding line (2003-5), with moulds for 151 x 75 x 9, 100g bars, 5 tons/shift, with Loesch wrapper & display box packer, photos & details here, already dismantled, Europe, 675.000 USD

item no.4595
Nielsen M680 chocolate bar moulding line (2006), 1000Kg/hr, with/without inclusions, 6 sets of moulds, size: 724x358x34mm, photos & details here, Poland, 375.000 euros

item no.4596
Aasted Mikroverk Midi C425 frozen cone chocolate bar & praline moulding line (1998 but first used 2003), up to 380Kg/hr, with/without inclusions, 4 sets of moulds for bars, 2 for pralines, size 425x275x40mm, photos & details here, Poland, 395.000 euros

item no.4660
Knobel CA-9 chocolate depositor (early 90’s), photos & details here, Germany, 19.950 euros 

item no.4679
Hacos MDS Twin 1D 60 one-shot chocolate depositor (1999), photos & details here, Belgium, 16.000 euros

item no.4680
Gami Dosa Trice OSR275UL One-Shot chocolate depositor (2018), for 275mm moulds, photos & details here, USA, 48.000 USD

item no.4706
Knobel KCM 12/24-35 Alpha CAD depositors (2007), 3 available, all complete, photos & details here, Belgium, 62.000 euros each

item no.4710
Awema UDM-202 one-shot depositor (1996), 2 x 18 across, 2 depositing heads, 75 strokes/min, photos & details here, UK, 28.000 euros

item no.4719
Selmi Moulding Line 275 for solid & hollow chocolate products (2018, as new), with temperer, depositor, mould loader, mould turnover, photos & details here, UK, 35.000 euros

item no.4741
Complete Aasted-Mikroverk FC-1000-10 moulding line (2006), ex-Mars, for 50g & 100g bars, up to 14.5 moulds/min, with foil inner, cardboard sleeve, photos, video & details here, Russia, 840.000 euros

item no.4742
Westbrook & Wood mini-eggs moulding line (2001), for 7.5g eggs, photos & details here, Australia, 99.950 USD

item no.4758
Aasted Mikroverk MINI-275 Frozen Cone line (1996), 10 moulds/min, 28/56 chocolates/mould, was used for pralinés, photos & details here, Poland, 210.000 euros

item no.4816
Selmi Tuttuno one-shot depositor (2017), photos & details here, UK, 35.000 euros 

item no.4897
Chocolate World CW24 tempering, moulding and enrobing line (2018), 90Kg/hr, 200mm wide enrober, 2 dosing plates, photos & details here, UK, 19.950 euros

item no.4930
Awema UDM-202/24 1-shot depositor (1996), 24 pistons, with 450mm wide conveyor belt, very good condition, photos, video & details here, Germany, 29.950 euros 

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