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Chocolate machinery has been divided into several categories. Please choose the category you are interested in from the menu on the left.

For further details regarding any of the machines please click "item no." and the contact details of the owner will be sent to you by e-mail.

item no.1083
Lehman chocolate melangeurs, 1500mm diameter, photos here, Argentina, 17.500 USD

item no.1785
Galantini melangeurs 1050mm diameter, currently being overhauled with new stone rollers and stainless steel base, 32.000 euros

item no.2450
Nagema EE6.1 melangeur (1991), 400/Kg/hr, 380V 50Hz, still running, photos & video here, Turkey, 45.000 euros

item no.2980
Kreuziger MLII melangeur, 600Kg/r, 9kW, 2500 x 2100 x 2900mm, photos & video here, Croatia, 10.500 euros

item no.3031
Carle Montanari M16 chocolate melangeurs, 200Kg batch, 2m diameter, 220V, 1-phase, photos & video here, Venezuela, 14.000 USD

item no.3420
Carle Montanari melangeur 1500mm diameter, photos here, 26.000 USD 

item no.3446
Buhler & Nagema chocolate refining plant (1991), with 5-roll refiner, melangeurs, conche & tanks, photos & details here, Turkey, 115.000 euros

item no.3927
Carle & Montanari M11 melangeur 50Kg batch (rebuilt 2014), with water jacket, control panel, 3Ph/60Hz/480V, photos here, USA, 19.000 USD

item no.3928
Montserrat 1500mm diameter melangeur (rebuilt 2017), 250K batch, 3Ph/60Hz/230V, photos here, USA, 27.000 USD

item no.4039
Carle Montanari M16 melangeur 1650mm diameter, photos, video & details here, Barbados, 15.000 USD

item no.4149
Ballarat 1600mm diameter melangeurs refurbished, photos here, 19.950 USD

item no.4422
Spomasz melangeurs 1m diameter, photos here, Poland, 16.500

item no.4635
Melangeur diameter 165cm, base diameter 135cm, mixing up to 150Kg batch, conching up to 220Kg batch, stones 60cm diameter x 40cm, photos & video here, Germany, 13.000 euros

item no.4785
Bauermeister MGR-11 melangeur 1500mm diameter 60Kg batch, 3kW, 3/60/220-480v, photos here, USA, 16.500 USD

item no.4797
Nagema EE6 melangeur (1989), 1950mm diameter, 250Kg batch,  photos here, Poland, 11.000 euros

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