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item no.982
Knobel cold press former for chocolate eggs (2000) set for 450 x 450mm moulds, 48 half eggs/stroke, KKT Kraus Freon chiller, photos & details here, 59.950 USD reconditioned.

item no.1502
3 x Collmann H20 chocolate spinners, photo here, UK, 13.000 GBP each. Collmann foot operated depositors also available.

item no.1503
Mazzetti chocolate spinner (1997), 2 heads, 4 arms/head, 2-3 moulds/arm, photos here, 9.000 euros

item no.5127
Renato Mazzetti chocolate eggs & balls line (1994), with single piston, double piston, 2 giratory moulders, 2 cooling tunnels & 3 book-mould sets, photos & details here, Poland, 19.000 euros


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