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Chocolate machinery has been divided into several categories. Please choose the category you are interested in from the menu on the left.

For further details regarding any of the machines please click "item no." and the contact details of the owner will be sent to you by e-mail.

item no.1073
4 x Nagema 403H 1000Kg horizontal conches (1964), photos here, Russia, 9.950 euros each
item no.1074
Nagema CR3750, 2500Kg vertical dry conche (1980), photos here,  Russia, 17.000 euros
item no.1895
4 x Carle Montanari R167b 1600Kg conch refiners, photos here, 9.950 euros each

item no.1896
8 x Carle Montanari CRN16 1600Kg super-conch refiners, photos here, 9.950 euros each

item no.1977
Carle Montanari R8 800Kg conche refiner, refurbished, photos here, 39.950 euros

item no.2447
1200Kg universal conche refiner, made in China, photos & details here, Australia, 9.500 USD

item no.2448
500Kg universal conche refiner, made in China, photos & details here, Malaysia, 7.500 USD

item no.2449
Nagema 403N.1 9600Kg conche refiner (1991), 380V 50Hz, still running, photos & video here, Turkey, 55.000 euros

item no.2700
3 x Carle & Montanari CRN 50 Super 5000Kg vertical conches (1965 but with gearboxes rebuilt in 2016), photos here, USA, 38.000 USD each

item no.3204
Petzholdt 1200Kg dry conche (currently being rebuilt), 3 gears, double jacket, photos & details here, Europe, 39.950 euros

item no.3327
4 x Petzholdt 300Kg conches (refurbished 2017), 3 x 400V, 50 Hz, photos here, Belgium, 38.500 euros each

item no.3469
Carle Montanari Clover 30, 3 ton conche (1980’s), with new electric cabinet,
photos & details here, Poland, 29.950 euros 

item no.3504
3 x Carle Montanari CRN16 Super conches 1600Kg (1975-1980), photos here, Serbia, 9.950 euros each

item no.3505
Low & Duff 5
00Kg conche refiner with 25HP motor and starter unit, photos here, Australia, 24.000 USD

item no.3597
Klebert JMJ500 500Kg conche refiner (2017), photos here, 17.000 USD
item no.3747
Carle Montanari 1000Kg conche refiners (1985 approx), 5 available, no ID plate, photos here, Italy, 8.500 euros each
item no.3822
Netzsch Chocoeasy CE300  integrated conch & ball mill 300kg batch (2005, as new), still in production, max temp 100°C, photos here, 109.950 euros
item no.4020
Lining bars and blades for Macintyre 2000Kg conche, 50% useful life left, photos here, South Africa, please make offer

item no.4088
Llovela JMJ500 500L universal chocolate conch (2004), photos & details here, only used for trials, Malaysia 8.000 USD

item no.4610
Lloveras 250Kg conche refiner (2004), photos here, 16.000 USD

item no.4727
Petzholdt PVW-1000 rotary conche (completely reconditioned) , photos & details here, Germany, 56.000 euros 

item no.5057
Lloveras U-3000 universal conche refiner 3000Kg (1987),
photos here, Pakistan, 39.950 USD

item no.5107
Macintyre universal conche refiner 1250Kg (1991), photos here, 49.950 euros

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