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item no.1458
Barth Tornado 90Kg capacity cocoa bean roaster, reconditioned, 69.950 euros

item no.2017
Complete cocoa bean processing plant 1000Kg/hr, with roaster, cooler, winnower and press, photos here, India, 285.000 USD

item no.2174
Stainless steel chocolate kibbler, photos & details here, Australia, 35.000 USD
item no.2516
Probat SN-150 bean & nut roaster (1974), 150Kg/batch, photos & details here, Croatia, 49.000 euros

item no.2698
Probat UG22 roaster, batch 22Kg, with cyclone, fully overhauled, photos here, Germany, 45.000 euros

item no.2814
Barth roaster 60Kg with cyclone, (fully refurbished 2016), photos & details here, Poland 79.950 euros

item no.2917
Probat GG150 150Kg gas-fired roaster (1962), photos & details here, Holland, 31.000 euros

item no.3131
Cacao Cucina nib grinder (2013), 30Kg/hr, photos, video & details here, USA, 9.950 USD

item no.3288
Vibra Vibraroster nut roasting plant (1990), 750Kg/hr, photos & details here, Germany, 87.000 euros

item no.3370
Probat GP12 roaster 12Kg batch (1992), with 210 litre destoner, photos & details here, Ukraine, 17.000 USD

item no.3371
Probat GP12 roaster 12Kg batch (1990), with 210 litre destoner, photos & details here, Ukraine, 17.000 USD

item no.3467
Nagema 1000 cocoa bean processing line (1989), up to 1000Kg/hr, photos & details here, Azerbaijan, 435.000 euros

item no.3790
Bühler BIC centrifugal bean breaker (reconditioned), up to 2500Kg/hr, photos & details here, Denmark, 14.000 euros

item no.3821
Nagema chocolate production plant (1989), up to 1200Kg/hr, photos & details here, 160.000 euros 

item no.3837
Cocoa bean cleaning system up to 600lb (265Kg)/hr, destoner, dust collector & vacuum system, photos here, Canada, 165.000 USD

item no.4019
Bühler cocoa bean breaker & cleaner 2500Kg/hr (reconditioned 2015), with electrical panel and frequency converters, photos here, Europe, 16.000 euros

item no.4078
Complete cocoa bean processing system (2011-2015), photos & details here, still running, USA, 345.000 USD

item no.4256
Complete Buhler cocoa powder plant (2006), 3500Kg/hr,
photos & details here, France, 465.000 euros

item no.4257
Jaf Inox Royal Duyvis Wiener cocoa bean cleaning & classifying machine (2015), 60Kg/hr,
photos & details here, USA, 14.000 USD

item no.4342
Bauermeister PVM3 cocoa mass sterilization line (1980 but fully overhauled with 12 month warranty), up to 5000 Litre capacity,
photos & details here, Europe, 170.000 euros 

item no.4370
Padovan Chemtech cocoa mass deodorising plant (2006, as new, never used), 1000Kg/hr,
photos & details here, Africa, 1.1 million euros

item no.4438
Bauermeister KR-13 cocoa bean cleaner, up to 1200Kg/hr, photos here, Europe, 13.000 euros

item no.4439
Neuhaus Neotec PSM-820-II-RS destoner (1988), photos here, Germany, 11.000 euros 

item no.4440
Cacao Cucina Winn-45 winnower 45Kg/hr (2013), #306445, 3 phase, 230V, photos here, USA, 25.000 USD

item no.4476
Buhler SMP-50 twin-shaft 850 Litre cocoa mass mixing, crushing & liquefying machine (fully refurbished), new Siemens controller, photos & details here, Germany, 99.950 euros

item no.4497
Bear Mini-Winnower BWI-01, 65Kg/hr (2012), photos & video here, Germany, 11.000 euros

item no.4532
bauermeister N1000 nib mill (2013), 1400Kg/hr @ 0,25mm, only 3200 hours, no electrical panel, photos here, Germany, 48.000 euros

item no.4717
Complete Carle Montanari chocolate refining plant, photos & details here, Italy, 175.000 euros

item no.4783
Barth LAB RS-50 cocoa bean roaster lab-size 20Kg (1988), photos & details here, USA, 26.000 USD

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