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Chocolate machinery has been divided into several categories. Please choose the category you are interested in from the menu on the left.

For further details regarding any of the machines please click "item no." and the contact details of the owner will be sent to you by e-mail.

item no.1950
New 500Kg/hr ballmill made in Ukraine, video here, 12 month warranty, copy of Caotech, 75.000 euros

item no.2053
New 300Kg/hr ball mill, photos & details here, 19.950 USD

item no.2524
New 300Kg ball mill & chocolate tank plant, photos & details here, 24.000 USD

item no.2653
ET Elena Shumanova - LZ M-04 ball mill refiner (2009), 220Kg every 4 hours, photos & details here, Bulgaria, 11.000 euros
item no.3822

Netzsch Chocoeasy CE300  integrated conch & ball mill 300kg batch (2005, as new), still in production, max temp 100°C, photos here, 109.950 euros
item no.4040
Wiener Duyvis W1S laboratory ball mill (2015 but unused in original crate), photos & details here, Europe, 16.500 euros

item no.4078
Complete cocoa bean processing system (2011-2015), with Netzsch Chocoeasy 300 + LME 30 ball-mil, photos & details here, still running, USA, 345.000 USD

item no.4355
Lehmann Aalen FM50 ball mill (1998, but only used for a 169 hours!), 50 Litre capacity, 380V, 50Hz,
photos here, Germany, 26.000 euros

item no.4515
Renato Mazzetti WA-FA ball mill chocolate refining plant (1992), 400Kg/hr, 20 microns/2hrs, photos & details here, still running, Poland, 99.950 euros

item no.4609
Wiener Wiecon 25 stainless steel ball mill 500Kg/batch, double jacket, Chrome balls, pump, photos here, 26.000 USD

item no.4670
Wiener Wiecon 25 ball mill (1996), 50Kg/hr, photos & details here, Russia, 15.000 euros

item no.4784
Premier HML1.5 Lab ball-mill (1997 but rebuilt 2014), 1.5L batch, photos & details here, USA, 12.000 USD

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