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item no.2075
Asra laboratory 3 roll chocolate refiner, adjustable from 0-1mm, cylinders 245 x 8mm, hard plastic, photos here, Germany, 3.000 euros
item no.4021
Vögele PW3408 3-roll refiner 1000mm wide, 400mm diameter, mechanical gap set, photos here, Europe, 6950 euros

item no.4513
Johann Kreuziger S320H 300mm wide 3-roll refiner, 150mm diameter water jacketed rollers, serial #18295, 3HP, 3 phase, 220V, 60Hz, variable speed, photos here, Canada,  17.500 USD

item no.4717
Complete Carle Montanari chocolate refining plant, photos & details here, Italy, 175.000 euros

item no.5153
Lehmann WDL-H 220 3-roll refiner 220mm wide (1980 approx), rollers can be heated/cooled, photos here, 10.500 euros

item no.5206
Repiquet 3-roll pre-refiner 700mm wide, overhauled, rollers rectified, photos here, Argentina, 12.000 USD

item no.5688
Buhler SDA-600 3-roll refiner (reconditioned),
photos here, Germany, 59.950 euros

item no.5959
Bauermeister DW-15 3-roll refiner 1000mm wide, granite rollers, 35kW, 3 x 415V/50Hz,
photos here, Australia, 35.000 euros

item no.6097
Lehmann 6504-W 3-roll 250mm wide refiner for laboratory,
photos here, Germany, 4.000 euros

item no.6098
Bauermeister 3-roll refiner 780mm working width, with ceramic coating for highly refined gourmet chocolate,
photos here, Germany, 9,500 euros

item no.6099
Buhler AG 3-roll refiner 1000mm wide,
photos here, Germany, 15.000 euros 

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