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item no.1217
Cereal bar line 24”/600mm wide custom-made in USA (2004 but reconditioned in 2016), photos & details here, 65.000 USD 
item no.1291
AES Versacut Fudge and confectionery slab cutter, new, slabs up to 750 x 450mm, 15-20 secs/slab, New Zealand, 32.000 USD

item no.1958
Vickery (Canada), 1000mm wide moving head continuous motion guillotine bar cutter for nougat or wafer, ex-Cadbury “as new”, photos here, cost 250.000 USD, now just 39.950 USD.
item no.2079
Sollich ZK1000 toffee or Conbar cooling drum (1989), photos & details here, 46.950 USD or 54.950 USD with feed belts to batch roller included
item no.2134
Piv-Getriebe A1E 76mm Labco extruder with guillotine for energy bars, photos & details here, USA 16.000 USD
item no.2135
Slab forming cylinder & Frisse Buhler UZM421 420mm wide chocolate enrober ex-Hershey, photos & details here, USA, 14.000 USD
item no.2136
2 x nougat bar lines including extruders, cooling belts and guillotines, photos here, South Africa, 14.000 USD each
item no.2233
Werner Lehara 16” wire cut extruder and bar cutter for fondant or caramel/toffee, photos & details here, USA, 21.000 USD
item no.2322
Sollich Conbar 800mm line for 1 or 2 layer bars with or without chocolate enrobing (1993), photos, prices & details here 

item no.2372
Werner Makat nougat & marzipan extruder-depositor (1988), for 2 layers, 850Kg/shift, with 400mm Sollich cooling tunnel, guillotine and Sollich enrober, photos here, Belgium.

item no.2539
OKA all-in-one cereal bar slicer, splitter & guillotine knife, can be set to any size, photos here, 65.000 USD

item no.2950
APV 28” 710mm wide continuous 2 rope extruder, photos & details here, USA, 19.000 USD
item no.2975
Makat & Sollich line for chocolate coated extruded products (1982-85), photos & details here, Europe, 120.000 euros
item no.3067
BCH cooling tunnel 450mm working width x 9m long (2012), all stainless steel, infeed 1250mm, photos, video & details here, UK, 14.500 GBP

item no.3074
Baker Perkins cereal bar line, up to 15.000/hr, photos & details here, USA, 75.000 USD
item no.3431
Sollich 800mm slab former for cereal bars & conbars, with longitudinal cutter, photos & details here, Europe, 17.000 euros

item no.4106

Kortlever extruder & torpedo rollers for breakfast bars 600mm wide (2013), photos & details here, Europe, 75.000 euros 
item no.4168
Cereal bar guillotine & slitter, manufacturer unknown, 48”/1200mm wide, photos & details here, USA, 32.000 USD
item no.4173
Sollich Conbar line 600mm wide (refurbished), photos & details here, 195.000 USD
item no.4187
Sollich SGU-1200 cereal bar slitter & guillotine cutter 1200mm wide (1999), 4 sets of knives: 17,25, 32 & 45mm bars, photos here, top condition, 109.950 USD

item no.4373

Hutt Bepex laboratory size cereal bar line (1999 but as new), 6”/300mm working width, with mixer, double layer and triple layer extruder, gullotine,
photos & details here, USA, 89.950 USD
item no.4397

PTL guillotine slitter & cutter for all types of bar,
photos & details here, New Zealand, 59.950 USD
item no.4478

Bepex Hutt 1m wide cereal bar line with Sollich enrober, photos & details here, USA, 370.000 USD
item no.4507

Extruder, guillotine & steel band 1m wide gas oven, photos & details here, USA, 215.000 USD
item no.4521

Complete Sollich Conbar line 800mm wide (2003), photos, videos & details here, still running, Ukraine, 995.000 euros

item no.4522
Sollich Mini-Conbar forming rollers (2014), with paper reel feeder, 2 sets of rollers & chiller, photos & details here, Belgium, 75.000 euros 
item no.4556

Werner Makat bar extrusion line 420mm wide (1988-2003), with stringer, cooling tunnel and guillotine, photos & details here, Australia, 39.950 euros 
item no.4611

Complete Hutt Bepex chocolate-coated cereal bar line (1990’s), fully adjustable bar size, 4" x 1.25" x 0.75” bar @ 325/minute, photos & details here, USA, 385.000 USD

item no.4770

Cereal bar line semi-automatic 400mm wide (as new, only used for tests), 200Kg/hr, photos & details here, Mexico, 225.000 USD

item no.4772

Rheon KN170 depositor for cookies, bars, marzipan etc, as new, only used 3 months, with extra conveyor & guillotine, up to 3.000/hr, photos here, USA, 29.000 USD

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