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iitem no.1279
Mondomix UB25 aerating machine for dairy products  to 1000Kg/hr & marshmallow and cream to 400Kg/hr, 1985, good running condition, photo here, Holland, 19.950 euros

item no.1282
Trefa T-250 aerating machine 300Kg/hr, suitable for marshmallow and cream and cake batter, 1998, 5.5kW, 1000 rpm, photo here, 12.000 euros
item no.1589
Tonelli 2000 RTE marshmallow aerator (1987), 1800Kg/hr, 380V/50Hz, photos here, Spain, 25.000 euros
-500/hr, photos here, 25.000 euros.
item no.1739
Mondomix B25 aerator for fat masses (2002), with PLC and touch-screen, photos here, 37.500 euros
item no.2235

Mondomix aerator for nougat, yoghurt, etc, up to 3000Kg/hr, photos here, Italy, 9950 euros

item no.2765
Mondomix B25 cream aerator, up to 400Kg/hr, photos here, Holland, 22.500 euros
item no.3039
Wiegers Process Innovations TA2500 cream aerating system (2012), up to 1300Kg/hr, photos & details here, offers accepted, Slovakia
item no.3642
HMF Krampe Euromix continuous aerator for marshmallow, nougat etc, with tank & pumps, up to 500Kg/hr,
photos & details, 38.500 USD

item no.3726

Mondomix E50 chocolate aerator mixer (1992), up to 1500Kg/hr,
photos & details here, Germany, 42.000 euros
item no.3770

Mondomix E50 jelly aerator (2002), up to 2000Kg/hr, photos & details here, Europe, 45.000 euros 
item no.3904

Mondomix UE-50 aerator for marshmallow & biscuit creams, up to 1600 litres/hr, 480V/3P/60HZ/24A, 8 bar max, photos here, USA, 15.000 USD
item no.4074

Mondomix E-20 continous flow aerator/creaming machine , 250l/hr, can be used for  marshmallow, batters, fillings and foams, with 4kWw motor, last used for marshmallow, photos here, 17.950 USD 

item no.4130

Hansa Uni-Mix aerator 1000Kg/hr (2006), with mixer and tank, last used on chocolate, photos & details here, website here, Romania, 125.000 euros
item no.4244
Morton aerated cream mixer 100 Litres,
photos here, 19.950 USD
item no.4303
Mondomix UE-50 continuous aerating mixer up to 1600 litres/hr,
photos & details here, last used for biscuit creams, USA, 12.000 USD
item no.4530
Prima TMX70 aerator (2001), up to 500Kg/hr for aerating batter, with pre-mixer and many spare parts, 380V, 50Hz, photos here, Slovakia, 10.950 euros
item no.4592
Mondomix B20 aerator 100Kg/hr approx, photos here, 24.000 USD
item no.4612
Morton APW-200 air-pressure whisk 220 Litres (1999), for nougat or marshmallow, photos & details here, 26.000 USD

item no.4684
Indag DLM-S 215 aerator mixer for dairy, marshmallow etc (2013), photos & details here, 49.950 USD

item no.4696
Mondomix Minimondo A-05 continuous aerator (1998), up to 45Kg/hr, photos & details here, 19.950 USD

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